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Nyse Euronext to buy Fixnetix stake

Nyse Euronext has agreed to acquire a 25% stake in UK trading technology outfit Fixnetix. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

More than 90% of Fixnetix’s shareholders have already accepted the offer from Nyse Euronext, which also has the option to buy the rest of the business at any time in the next three years.

London-based Fixnetix provides low latency data provision, co-location, trading services and risk controls for more than 50 markets worldwide. This complements the Nyse Technologies unit, providing “a unique combined offering of core managed services delivered to markets and market participants around the world,” says a statement.

Nyse also hopes to use the deal to plug in more trading clients to its network of Global Liquidity Centres, which are based in the US, Europe, Tokyo and Toronto.

Fixnetix will continue to operate as an independent company but work “where appropriate” with Nyse technologies to offer customers integrated services. Meanwhile, both parties will seek to benefit from streamlining the process for designing and installing elements of complex global trading infrastructures.

Stanley Young, CEO, Nyse Technologies, says: “This strategic shareholder interest in Fixnetix aligns with our mission to build a global capital markets community supported by world-class technology, broad connectivity and diverse customer participation that yields greater liquidity and market innovation. With our collective experience in delivering customer-driven technology solutions that facilitate global multi-asset trading, we will create an even more compelling value proposition for market participants trading anywhere in the world.”

Nyse Euronext has quickly turned its focus to technology revenues in the wake of the failed Deutsche Börse merger. After posting record fourth quarter revenues for the Information Services and Technology Solutions segment of $127 million, the company recently revealed plans to double annual tech revenues to $1 billion by 2015.

Michael Geltzeiler, Group Executive Vice President and CFO of NYSE Euronext added, “Today’s announcement further demonstrates NYSE Euronext’s commitment to using our strong capital position to create immediate strategic value that delivers greater opportunities for the company, our diverse global customers and the broader marketplace. Acquiring this strategic interest in Fixnetix allows us to better leverage our combined technology presence to reach more customers in more locations.”

“We at Fixnetix are thrilled with the investment from NYSE Euronext as this will enable us to expand our U.S. coverage and expand into Asia,” said Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix. “Fixnetix and NYSE Technologies share common philosophies of working with our customer base to increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

Deutsche Börse has taken a similar road, setting out plans this week to create a new business unit that will be responsible for all data and information technology activities as it seeks to win customers and boost revenues.

Source: FinExtra, Mondovision 17.02.2012

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NYSE Technologies extends CameronTec FIX enginee relationship in Asia Infrastructure

 CameronTec, the global financial industry’s long-standing provider of FIX infrastructure and connectivity solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of Orc Group (SSE: ORC), today announced an agreement with NYSE Technologies to continue providing the CameronFIX and Catalys technologies for its Asian operations.  Signed in August, the agreement also covers reseller rights for CameronTec products in Japan and is based on CameronTec’s licensing subscription model.

NYSE Technologies recently acquired Metabit, the Tokyo-based provider of high performance market access products that includes a trading community of more than 140 trading firms throughout Japan and Asia.  Continuing the existing relationship between Metabit and CameronTec, CameronFIX has powered many of Metabit’s valued market assets and solutions since 2002.

“Japan and Asia are key priorities for NYSE Technologies and our global customers.  Our products are built in Asia for the local market and CameronFIX has been an important part of that strategic offering since 2002,” said Daniel Bürgin, Head of Asia Pacific, NYSE Technologies. “As a new product line within NYSE Technologies, Metabit will continue to work with CameronTec to provide high performance connectivity to Japan’s exchanges while offering local market participants access to and support for Cameron’s suite of solutions.”

“We are especially pleased to be working alongside NYSE Technologies to continue to deliver FIX technology as part of the Metabit product suite and have them support our products throughout such a critical market as Japan,” says Anders Henriksson, CEO, CameronTec. “CameronTec is continuously working to improve the standard in FIX infrastructure and to provide our markets with cutting edge innovation for which we are renowned. These developments are a further demonstration that CameronTec continues to lead the industry in FIX innovation.”

At the core of CameronTec technology is a unique understanding of the FIX world that comes from a concentration of the world’s largest FIX deployments. With a host of industry-firsts, Catalys and CameronFIX technology provide unprecedented levels of flexibility and innovation that firms need to sustainably differentiate in today’s markets.

Source: NYSE Technologies, 07.12.2011

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Global warming threat for Asia financial hubs – Yangtze ‘facing climate threat’

The report, produced by WWF, the environmental pressure group, puts the two financial hubs in the top 10 cities threatened by climate change in Asia, the region widely believed to be most vulnerable to rising global temperatures.

It warns that Hong Kong is in danger from higher sea levels, which are likely to rise 40cm-60cm in China’s Pearl River delta by 2050, increasing the area of coastline that is vulnerable to flooding by up to six times.

Costs imposed by typhoons are also likely to rise dramatically, the report says, noting that 14 of the 21 extreme storm surges between 1950 and 2004 occurred after 1986.

The number of nights when Hong Kong temperatures rise above 28°C has risen almost fourfold since the 1960s, while the number of winter nights when the temperature falls below 12°C is predicted to fall from an average of 21 to zero within 50 years.

For Singapore, the report says, the sea level is forecast to rise by 60cm by the end of the century, eroding coastal protection and decreasing the shoreline of the city state, making it more vulnerable to storm surges and flooding.

The report says climate change could also increase the prevalence of dengue fever. The number of cases has been rising in periodic outbreaks and the last significant peak, in 2007, saw the third highest number of outbreaks ever.

Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, heads the list of the most vulnerable cities, mainly because of its position in a big river delta already subject to periodic flooding, its low average height above sea level and its poverty, which makes protection and adaptation more difficult.

Other cities at risk include Jakarta and Manila, which rank equal second, Calcutta and Phnom Penh, which are equal third, Ho Chi Minh and Shanghai, equal fourth, Bangkok, fifth, and Kuala Lumpur, which ties with Hong Kong and Singapore for sixth place.

The report calls on developed countries to agree to shoulder the bulk of the costs required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to finance an adaptation fund to pay for changes required in developing countries, and to provide recompense for losses and damage caused by climate-related catastrophes.

However, the report also says that vulnerable cities and national governments should take action themselves, including better management of coastal habitats and ecosystems.

The report is timed to influence the 21 heads of government attending this week’s Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Singapore, before the global climate change summit in Copenhagen next month.

Source: FT, 11.11 2009 by Kevin Brown in Singapore

The Yangtze river basin is being increasingly affected by extreme weather and its ecosystems are under threat, environmentalists say.

In a new report, WWF-China says the temperature in the basin area of China’s longest river has risen steadily over the past two decades.

This has led to an increase in flooding, heat waves and drought.

Further temperature rises will have a disastrous effect on biodiversity in and along the river, the report says.

The WWF – formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund – predicts that in the next 50 years temperatures will go up by between 1.5C and 2C.

The group’s report is the largest assessment yet of the impact of global warming on the Yangtze River Basin, where about 400 million people live.

Data was collected from 147 monitoring stations. The report’s lead researcher, Xu Ming, said the forthcoming Copenhagen negotiations on climate change would have an obvious and direct influence on the Yangtze.

“Controlling the future emissions of greenhouse gases will benefit the Yangtze river basin, at the very least from the perspective of drought and water resources,” he said.

The report says the predicted weather events and temperature rises will lead to declines in crop production, and rising sea levels will make coastal cities such as Shanghai vulnerable.

Some of the problems could be averted by strengthening river reinforcements, and switching to hardier crops, its authors suggest.

Source: BBC, 10.11.2009

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Tokyo Stock Exchange launches new Tdex+ options trading platform

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”) is pleased to announce today the successful launch of “Tdex+ System”, a new trading platform for options contracts. Tdex+ System is the advanced electronic trading system based on LIFFE CONNECT®, which has been used by NYSE Liffe , the largest European derivatives exchange by trading value, and is highly rated for its performance and functionality by investors worldwide. With the introduction of Tdex+ System, order processing performance is dramatically improved to 6 milliseconds of order response* and about 20 thousand transactions per second. Functionality for strategy trades is enhanced as well.

In addition to this, TSE also introduced the Market Maker scheme for all listed options contracts today. Market makers started to quote bid and offer continuously for not only Options on JGB Futures, which have already high liquidity, but also Equity Options.

Atsushi Saito, President and CEO of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. said “Today’s launch of Tdex+ System is the first step to further develop the TSE options market. The introduction of the Market Maker scheme provides investors the opportunity to trade Japanese options contracts in a highly transparent exchange market. I strongly believe that development of options market enhances the possibilities of alternative investments on Japanese financial markets, and greatly contributes to make Japanese markets more attractive. TSE will continue to make every effort to establish efficient and convenient markets for investors around the globe in the future.”

“NYSE Euronext is privileged to play an important role in the TSE’s Tdex+ System,” said Duncan L. Niederauer, CEO, NYSE Euronext.”Today’s launch of Tdex+ is the culmination of a year long endeavor involving both business and technology teams from NYSE Euronext working in partnership with the TSE.Technology provides the foundation for future business co-operation between our two organizations, and we are committed to doing our part to deliver significant benefit and value to the TSE and its customers.”

Source: Finextra, 05.10.2009

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TOKYO AIM Approves First J-Nomads

TOKYO AIM Inc., (“TOKYO AIM”) today approved six securities firms to operate as ‘Japanese Nominated Advisers’ (J-Nomads) on the new market:

Daiwa Securities SMBC Co. Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Investors Securities Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Nikko Citigroup Limited
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
(alphabetical order)

Tetsutaro Muraki, President and CEO of TOKYO AIM, said: “We are delighted to announce the first group of J-NOMADs based on the formal applications we have received. Reaching this crucial milestone means that companies can now start to prepare listing applications for the new market. J-NOMADs will be an integral part of the effective operation of TOKYO AIM, and we will build this exciting new stock exchange in partnership with them. We look forward to working closely with the J-NOMADs to welcome companies from Japan and the region with strong growth potential, providing them with a venue to raise much needed capital from professional investors.”

David Shrimpton, Chairman of Tokyo AIM, said: “The J-Nomads announced today include some of Japan’s leading securities houses. We are grateful for their close involvement and support throughout the development of TOKYO AIM and believe it provides a strong indication of their confidence in the potential of the market model. This market represents a unique opportunity in the region for issuers and advisers. As the market continues to develop, we expect to see the network of international participants expand further.”

J-Nomads are corporate finance advisers approved by TOKYO AIM. Their role is integral to the TOKYO AIM regulatory model and central to preserving the reputation and integrity of the market. Any company wishing to list on TOKYO AIM must appoint a J-Nomad who will manage the admission process. The J-Nomad will also confirm the overall appropriateness and suitability of the company to list on the market. Companies are obliged to retain a J-Nomad at all times while on TOKYO AIM, and to work closely with the J-Nomad who will provide the company and its directors with advice and guidance in respect of ongoing compliance with the TOKYO AIM rules.

Source:MondoVision, 11.06.2009

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Japan:KVH and COLT to Strengthen Partnership in Financial Trading System Solutions – Enhancing Global Capabilities to Address Low Latency Trading Needs-

Tokyo, June 4th, 2009 –KVH Co. Ltd. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Suzuki Miyuki, hereinafter referred to as “KVH”) and COLT Telecom Group SA (headquartered in London, CEO: Rakesh Bhasin, hereinafter referred to as “COLT”) will strengthen their partnership in supporting electronic trading applications for the global financial and securities industry. KVH and COLT are market leaders in providing ultra low latency connectivity and proximity hosting in Europe and Japan respectively. Through this partnership, they will be able to provide customers with low latency connectivity to trading venues and in major financial markets in Europe, US and Asia, with a joint low latency networking and proximity hosting offers.

Demand for low latency connectivity has increased rapidly with the adoption of new algorithmic trading systems as well as globalization amongst financial and securities markets. To meet this market demand promptly and flexibly, both companies will enhance their proximity services on a global scale using expertise and knowhow acquired through serving the telecommunication needs of financial markets.  In addition, KVH will provide facilitation services to support for remote membership and communication to and from the exchanges on behalf of foreign institutional investors, who are entering the Japan market for the first time.

COLT has been offering low latency proximity services in Europe since 2007. COLT is presently connected to over 25 major exchanges and Multi-lateral Trading Facilities (MTFs), including Deutsche Börse, SIX (formerly SWX), Chi-X, Turquoise, and BATs. and is hosting seven such exchange systems in its own data centers. Earlier this year COLT also extended its low latency Ethernet network coverage to the United States.  KVH launched its proximity service in 2008 using its Tokyo Data Center as a hub based on experience in network connections with Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. Moreover, KVH Tokyo Data Center has been endorsed by Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) as their access points and proximity hosting provider as of last year. KVH proximity hosting services also started for TOCOM in May and will be available for TFX as well within the year.  Between the two companies, low latency connectivity and proximity hosting services with full end-to-end service management are now available in the world’s key financial centers including London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Chicago, and Paris.

“Through the partnership, COLT and KVH will be able to cover key financial markets in Europe, the U.S., Japan and other Asia-Pacific regions, where major exchanges are located. Going forward, together with KVH, we will support U.S. and European institutional investors as they enter the Asian market,” noted Mr. Detlef Spang, Managing Director for the Major Enterprise Division of COLT.  “Despite the global financial crisis continuing, the need for high speed electronic trading continues to increase. Low latency networking has therefore become an extremely important competitive parameter in the global financial industry.  In partnership with COLT, KVH hopes to accelerate low-latency trading and help increase liquidity in the market,” noted Ms. Miyuki Suzuki, President and CEO of KVH.

Endorsement from Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc.
Mr. Masaaki Nangaku, President & CEO
The Tokyo Commodity Exchange has decided to adopt KVH’s proximity services with the launch of the new trading system in May of 2009.  By having both Japan and foreign-based trading members use KVH’s high quality, low latency networks and robust data center services, we hope to reinvigorate trading and further improve reliability.  In addition, we hope that the collaboration of KVH and COLT will help support our endeavors globally to establish a strong foothold as a core derivative exchange in Asia.

Source: KHV, 04.06.2009

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Tokyo Commodity Exchange’s Response To New Influenza

At Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc. (TOCOM or “the Exchange”) , Risk Management Committee has decided earlier this month to formulate an action plan in response to the occurrence and spread of the new influenza along with the government’s announcement based on its “New Influenza Response Plan”.

According to its own action plan, the Exchange has been implementing the collection of the latest information on infections, heads-up to the employees, cancellation of some of the overseas business travels. With regard to the trading session, however, TOCOM intends to maintain its normal operation. At present TOCOM does not plan to suspend the trading session, as some reported earlier today.

Source: MondoVisione, 18.05.2009

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London Stock Exchange has signed shareholding with Tokyo Stock Exchange on TOKYO AIM Joint Venture

Further to its announcement on 29 January 2009, the London Stock Exchange plc is pleased to confirm that it has now signed a shareholders’ agreement with Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (“TSE”), which formalises the funding and governance of the joint venture company to develop TOKYO AIM, a new market for growing companies in Japan and Asia.

TOKYO AIM, Inc. will be owned 51 per cent by TSE and 49 per cent by the London Stock Exchange and will be incorporated and operated in Japan. The London Stock Exchange will invest Yen 980 million in cash (approximately £7 million) into TOKYO AIM. This will form 49 per cent of the Yen 2 billion (approximately £14 million) gross assets of TOKYO AIM, which will fund the regulatory capital and medium term trading requirements of the company.

TOKYO AIM will combine TSE’s knowledge of the region and the London Stock Exchange’s growth market expertise, enabling it to offer the highly successful AIM model to a wider range of Japan and Asia’s growth companies. This will provide these companies with access to a capital market specifically tailored for their needs and to a wider investor base, while creating new investment opportunities for Japanese and international professional investors.

It is envisaged that TOKYO AIM will commence its operation after receiving its market operator’s licence from the Japanese Financial Services Agency.

David Shrimpton will be Chairman of TOKYO AIM, and Tetsutaro Muraki will be Chief Executive. Marcus Stuttard and Hiroki Kurihara will also be directors of the company.

Source: MondoVisione, 14.05.2009

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MetaBit launches Exchange Simulator for upcoming TSE arrowhead – メタビット、東証arrowhead対応の取引所シミュレーターをリリース

Tokyo, 28 April 2009 – MetaBit announces the launch of its Exchange Simulator (EXSiM), which emulates the behaviour of the order and execution interface (API) to TSE’s new arrowhead exchange trading system.

The timing of the product release – eight months prior to the live date of arrowhead, will create a welcome value proposition for sell side brokers and software vendors alike that are developing exchange connectivity against the upcoming arrowhead.  This product launch is the latest addition to MetaBit’s suite of EXSiM – Exchange Simulator software – catering for Japan’s securities exchanges.

EXSiM for arrowhead supports sell side brokers in and outside Japan to prepare their internal software products, including order management systems (OMS), algorithms and exchange connectivity, in preparation for the launch of TSE’s arrowhead exchange system, scheduled to go live in January 2010. “EXSiM for arrowhead is an agnostic software product that emulates the exact behaviour of the new arrowhead trading API.  EXSiM’s strength lies in its independence of underlying operating system and hardware.  The simulator can be installed by a client’s IT development team inside or outside Japan,” explains Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO.

“EXSiM is delivered with a console where a user can script specific exchange behaviour, such as rejections and partial fills of orders that might prove difficult to produce during an exchange test.  The timely availability of EXSiM for arrowhead before formal exchange tests are made available, is due to MetaBit being a Pilot User of arrowhead for its own, ultra low latency (below millisecond) FIX exchange connectivity gateway.”

EXSiM for arrowhead is a Java based software.  The product creates benefits to sell side member firms, software vendors and offshore brokers that plan to become remote members of TSE’s arrowhead.  The new simulator product does not replacing formal exchange tests, but aims to reducing time to market for a participants’ development cycles. EXSiM for arrowhead will continue as a standard MetaBit exchange simulator post live date of TSE’s new exchange system.  It will join the suite of other available EXSiM products such as for Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE).

2009年4月28日 メタビットシステムズ株式会社(本社東京)は、東証の新取引システム「arrowhead」に対応した取引所メッセージシミュレーター(EXSiM)をリリースしました。EXSiMはarrowheadへの注文・ 約定のインターフェース(API)のメッセージ制御を正確にエミュレートします。arrowheadの正式稼働予定日の8ヶ月前という今回の製品リリースのタイミングは、現在社内開発をすすめている取引所会員やソフトウェアベンダーにとって、先行して利用し開発の進捗を早めることに寄与する魅力的なバリュー・プロポジションをもたらすものといえます。この製品はメタビットが提供する日本の各取引所に対応したEXSiM-取引所シミュレーターソフトウェア・スイートに新しく追加されたものです。





Source: MetaBit Systems, 28.04.2009

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TSE Tokyo Stock Exchange “Business Plan for FY 2009-Action Plan 2009-” drawn up


In March 2008, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (TSE Group) formulated and published the “Medium-Term Management Plan” targeting the period from FY 2008 to FY 2010.

As FY 2009 is the second year of that plan, TSE Group drew up the “Business Plan for FY 2009 -Action Plan 2009-” in order to achieve the goal previously set forth, by taking into account the results of efforts made in FY 2008 and changes in the business environment.

TSE Group, as part of the central infrastructure of the Japanese financial and capital market, will continue making its utmost efforts to achieve the goals laid out in the Medium-Term Management Plan.

For details see documents as of 24.03.2009

Business Plan For FY2009-Action Plan 2009

IT Master Plan For FY2008 to FY2010 

Source: TSE, 25.03.2009


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MetaBit offers low latency FIX connectivity for TSE’s Remote Trading Participants – メタビット、東証「リモート取引参加者」へ高速FIX接続を提供

Tokyo, 12 November 2008 – MetaBit confirms its high performance, low latency FIX exchange connectivity solution is suitable for Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)’s recently announced co-location services for offshore trading firms, that will request direct participation in Japan’s largest exchange. メタビットは自社のローレインテンシー、ハイパフォーマンス取引所FIX接続ソリューションが東京証券取引所(東証)のオフショアトレーディング機関のためのコロケーションサービス向けに新たに提供開始されたと発表しました。これにより海外の機関は日本最大の売買高を誇る取引所に直接参加できるようになります。

Since 2003, MetaBit has actively deployed its pure FIX-to-native exchange connectivity for high performance trading access to Japan’s exchanges, including the commodity exchange.  The architecture of MetaBit’s technology is based on the world’s leading Orc CameronFIX engine.  Today, securities companies select MetaBit’s FIX-to-native exchange connectivity solution for its standardised FIX API that combines high performance and low latency, with cost efficient support.

“On 30 September 2008, TSE announced its plans for “Remote Trading Participant Services” that will allow offshore firms with no branch in Japan, direct market participation.  This will facilitate increased liquidity for Japan’s markets,” explains John Edwards, MetaBit CTO.  “Our company’s FIX exchange connectivity to TSE represents a particularly convenient solution for such trading firms.  The product, branded “Alpha,” allows easy trading access through a standardized FIX interface that rationalizes TSE’s native API whilst achieving consistently high performance combined with low latency.  MetaBit’s FIX solution can be deployed in the announced co-location services at TSE, at other data centers, or at a Japan broker member’s site.”

* Performance of MetaBit’s FIX to native exchange connectivity Alpha product, has been independently measured to provide throughput above 3,000 messages per second and average latency below 2 millisecond per order at a sustained through-put of 800 orders per second1. * アルファは秒速3,000メッセージ以上、1オーダーのレイテンシーは2ミリ秒以下、1秒800オーダーを常時処理するというパフォーマンス数値を残しています※1。

“Japan’s exchanges have often believed FIX to be slow,” continues Edwards, “but MetaBit’s FIX exchange solution has a proven track record since 2003, and has successfully demonstrated that FIX is capable of high performance and low latency.  TSE’s native API is often difficult for non-Japanese firms to build connectivity to, and ongoing support becomes particularly time consuming due to ongoing changes to the API.  To have built a standardised FIX API removes all such concerns for our clients, and delivers trading access to TSE in a format that is very familiar to all firms deploying FIX.”

Today, MetaBit’s FIX exchange connectivity clients consist of broker members varying from Japanese domestic players, to global brokerage firms that trade multi-asset classes on all of Japan’s major exchanges ranging from cash equities, index futures and options, CBs to commodity futures. 今日、メタビットのFIX取引所接続ソリューションは国内のブローカー及び、日本の全ての主要取引所で取引される株式、指数先物・オプション、CB、商品先物を含めマルチアセットクラスに対応したグローバルなブローカーが導入しております。

* 1Performance measured on the following hardware: HP Proliant DL385, 2x Dual Core AMD 2Ghz, RHEL4 Update 2, 64-bit. * 1パフォーマンスは次のハードで測定: HP Proliant DL385, 2x Dual Core AMD 2Ghz, RHEL4 Update 2, 64-bit.

About MetaBit
MetaBit is the provider of the MLH (Market Liquidity Hub), an Asian broker portal that offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to 34 brokers and access to ten exchanges through its intuitive buy side trading tool XiliX.  The MLH is also accessible through the FIX Protocol, and provides access to more than 1,800 execution destinations worldwide in conjunction with MetaBit’s FIX partner networks.  MetaBit is the only provider of pure FIX to native exchange connectivity to TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and TOCOM that focus on sustained high performance and low latency.  Other products include Exchange Message Simulators to Japan’s major stock exchanges, and FIX testing and certification products.  MetaBit actively promotes FIX throughout Asia.

Partners include leading network provider BT Radianz, number one FIX connectivity solution provider Orc Software, renowned FIX testing and certification system provider Greenline Financial Technologies, and the world’s largest exchange provider NASDAQ OMX.

For more information please visit <;
Media Contacts, Koiji Ito, +81 3 3664 4160,


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メタビット(東京)は、マルチブローカー、マルチアセットクラス対応の直観的DMAプラットフォームであるXiliXに、バイサイド向けコンプライアンス・チェック機能と投資助言ルーティング機能を搭載したと発表しました。今日の市場環境においては、どのバイサイドにとっても非常に重要であるこれら一連の機能を、ヘッジ・ファンドのインキュベーターのパイオニアとして、もっとも成功している会社のひとつであるBridge Capital証券と共同で開発しました。


Bridge CapitalのCEO、藪内太嘉司氏は、「私たちは、現在XiliXが、日本の金融市場向けのバイサイド・トレーディングツールの中でもっとも包括的なコンプライアンス・チェック機能を有していると考えています。一連の機能は、私たちからのデザインと強化された規制に対する法令順守のための法的要求事項がベースになっています。Bridge Capitalにとって、投資助言ルーティングとプリトレードの際のコンプライアンス・チェックを統合することにより、ファンドを管理するための厳格なコンプライアンス・ルールを絶え間なく検証する一方で、拡大するトレーディング・ヴォリュームをスピーディに執行していくことが可能になります。」と述べています。

メタビットCEOのダニエル・ブルギン氏は、「Bridge Capitalの持つ卓越した専門知識をこの新機能開発のためにメタビットに貸していただいたことを大変光栄に思っております。これらの包括的なリーガル・コンプライアンス・チェックのデザインのために費やされた多大な努力は、アセット・マネジャーやトレーダーを保護するものとなります。助言や注文のヴァリデーションは、投資アドバイザーレベルとトレーダーレベルの双方向で行われます。コンプライアンス・チェックの実行の結果は、直観的で透明なレポート機能を通して、各項目チェックの成否を表示します。警告レベルから取引不可までのアラートの範囲を設定しています。」と述べています。


Source: 09.10.2008

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Buy Side Compliance Validations and Advisory Order Routing released in MetaBit’s DMA-Trading Platform

Tokyo, 9 October 2008 – MetaBit announces the release of Buy Side Compliance Validations and Advisory Order Routing within its intuitive XiliX trading tool, a multi-broker and multi-asset class DMA trading platform into Japan and Asian markets.  In today’s market environment, the new release is of critical importance for any buy side and was closely built with Bridge Capital Securities Limited, Tokyo – one of the most successful pioneers in the area of incubating hedge funds.

XiliX’ compliance checks come in combination with smart order routing from fund advisors to traders.  The functionality helps both, advisors and traders to efficiently comply with their internal and external compliance regulations in a highly efficient manner that does not jeopardize the demand for high-performance DMA and algorithmic trading strategies whilst empowering buy sides to better manage a fund’s risks and trading exposure.  The new XiliX functionality will minimise trading errors and trading risks.

“We believe that today, XiliX has the most comprehensive compliance checks amongst buy side trading tools for Japan’s financial markets,” comments Takashi Yabuuchi, CEO of Bridge Capital.  ”The functionality was built based on our firm’s input on design and legal requirements to ensure compliance with the regulatory environment.  It is the ease of use that combines fund advisor routing with pre-trade compliance checks that enable Bridge Capital to process its expanding trading volumes at high execution speed, yet, continuously validate against tight compliance rules that govern our fund management.”

“MetaBit is particularly pleased that Bridge Capital Securities has lent its outstanding expertise to build this new functionality,” says D Burgin, CEO, MetaBit. “Much effort was spent to design these comprehensive legal compliance checks to protect asset managers and traders alike.  Validations take place interactively, both on an advisory level and on a trader level.  Results of compliance checks performed are delivered through an intuitive and transparent reporting method showing success, or failure.  Alerts range from warnings to trade prevention.”

Considering the difficult market environment, XiliX’ compliance checks deliver a vital value addition to support buy sides on their regulatory responsibilities for managing their assets.

Source: MetaBit Systems 09.10.2008

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Asian Traders and Investors Conference 2008 国際分散投資フェア

The Asia Trader & Investor Convention (ATIC) is the largest platform for Asia’s local investors and traders. An average of 6000 visitors gather in different cities to learn and be educated about the latest strategies, products and services offered by local and international Exchanges, Brokerage Firms, Banks, Asset Management Firms, Information Service Vendors and other financial service providers.

Tokyo, 1-2 November 2008 Sponsor Opportunities 国際分散投資フェア

Ho Chi Min City, 31 May – 1 June 2008
Mumbai, 12-13 April, 2008
Kuala Lumpur, 22-23 March, 2008
Singapore, 1-2 March,2008
Bangkok, 12-13 January

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