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Risk Management Mexico PRMIA: Retos y Riesgos de la Industria de la Construcción en México

Retos y Riesgos de la Industria de la Construcción en México: el caso de las empresas desarrolladoras de vivienda

Los retos que enfrenta la industria de la Construcción, particularmente dentro del sector de la Vivienda, han sido producto de diversos cambios y políticas de carácter económico. Se analízarán estos impactos y las perspectivas que se tiene sobre la industria en el corto y mediano plazo.


– Entendimiento del entorno económico actual de México
– Modelo de Riesgo Industria
– Riesgos que enfrenta la industria de la Construcción
– Análisis de los principales indicadores del sector
– Situación actual de las constructoras de vivienda en México

Impartido por: Mtro. John Soldevilla
Director General ECOBI (Economy, Business & Indicators)

Fecha: Agosto 22, 19:00 hs

Lugar: Escuela Bancaria y Comercial, División de Posgrado
Centro de Estudio y Convivencia
Dinamarca no.32 esq. Hamburgo, Col. Juárez  México, D.F.
Registro y Detailles ver: PRMIA Mexico
SOURCE: PRMIA Mexico 15.08.2013

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Counterparty Credit Risk Study Links Credit and Market Risk

Credit and market risk are linked, and should be managed consistently, preferably in one system, according to a study of counterparty credit risk released jointly by SunGard Data Systems and the Professional Risk Managers International Association.

The report, based on a global survey of 436 risk professionals, was the topic of a June 23 presentation at SunGard’s New York City Day, a collection of events held prior to the opening of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association’s Technology Management Conference and Exhibit at the New York Hilton.

In a workshop on “What Happens Next in Counterparty Credit Risk,” Nawal Roy, head of the New York chapter of Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRIMA) and managing partner at Shobhit Capital Group, said that the survey of risk professionals from sell-side firms, buy-side firms, consulting firms and government asked a series of questions about the characteristics of a credit risk monitoring system.  In their responses, 67 percent of those surveyed said it is very important to have a combined market and credit risk system, while 61 percent said that issuer exposures should be monitored “under a hybrid framework.”

“Credit and market risk are linked, and should be managed consistently, preferably in one system,” said Marcus Cree, director for the Americas of SunGard’s Adaptiv business unit. However, he added, combining them is complicated, and “how this works in practice is an open question.”

Another finding from the survey, he said, is that in counterparty credit risk management, “perceived limitations are getting in the way of desired risk policy.” Systems should reflect exposure accurately, Cree said, and need to account for the whole portfolio effect and include risk mitigation such as netting. “Accuracy is important,” Cree said. “Simple proxy measures are not up to the job.

At the same time, he said, the survey showed that there is no “one size fits all” approach to counterparty credit risk management: “Fragmented limit structures are a reality, even if unified global limits are an aspiration.”

SunGard’s offering in the space, SunGard Adaptiv Credit Risk, is an enterprise scale transaction processing and portfolio management engine that allows users to perform credit inquiries in real time, around the globe. The system departs from the traditional “up front license cost plus annual maintenance” model that is commonly associated with risk systems, and is instead priced on a per-transaction basis.

Source:, 24.06.2009 by Carol E. Curtis

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Hits and Errors of Risk Management in the Crisis – 1st Mexico PRMIA Event for 2009 a Success

The first event for PRMIA Mexico in 2009, “Hits and Errors of Risk Management in the Crisis” was hosted by BMV  the Mexican Stock Exchange, headquartered on the prestigious Paseo de la Reforma located at the financial heart of Mexico City.

Carlos Kretschmer, Director Head of Capital Markets at Scotia Bank Inverlat, the sponsor Institution, welcomed more than 220 delegates and guests who attended last Thursday, March 5th, to learn and discuss with a panel of four well known risk managers speakers with great background in theory and practice on risk management.

Juvencio Ramírez, representing Banco de Mexico, prepared and presented: “Current Status of Financial Risk Management “ and “The Mexican Financial System and the Subprime Crisis: Contagion or Defense? – A Liquidity Risk Perspective”.

On behalf Banamex Citibank, Carlos Vallebueno talked about the “Origin and Evolution of the First Global Crisis. Heleodoro Ruiz, Credit Risk Manager at Banorte, followed and focused on the “Common Elements in the Crisis and Lessons Learned – A Credit Risk Perspective”.

Jorge Galindo, CEO of HiTo and Regional Manager of PRMIA Mexico, completed the conference providing the audience with information and details about PRMIA organization. Right after that, the experts opened the panel for discussion and to respond all delegates’ questions.

At the end of the event, the large group of professionals representing national e international bank institutions in Mexico, mortgage and insurance companies, private corporations, among many others, enjoyed a cocktail outside of the Mexican Stock Exchange Auditorium where they were able to exchange points of view and give a pleasant close to a very interesting evening.

Download the Speaker presentations below:
Juvencio Ramirez, Banixco ( Estado Actual de la Admon de Riesgos Financieros )
Juvencio Ramirez, Banixco ( El Sistema Financiero Mexicano y la Crisis de la Suprime )
Carlos Vallebueno, Banamex ( Aciertos y Errores en la Administracion de Riesgos )
Heleodoro Ruiz,  Banorte  ( Impacto Altamente Improbable )

Jorge Galindo,  HiTo ( PRMIA – Credit Risk Management in Times of Economic Stress )
Jorge Galindo, HiTo ( PRMIA Overview )

Source: PRMIA Mexico, 10.03.2009

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