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Marco Polo New World appoints Christian Robertson as CEO

NEW YORK – 03 FEBRUARY 2014 – Marco Polo New World, the leading provider of trading solutions for developed and emerging markets, today announced that Christian Robertson has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of the company. The Marco Polo New World Board of Advisers has carefully selected Mr Robertson for his unique financial services delivery experience garnered during nearly a decade of building trading platforms around the world.

Marco Polo New World appointed Mr Robertson to lead the firm based on the success as co-founder of Paladyne Systems, a leading provider of buy-side technology and services,  acquired by Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE: BR)  in September 2011.  Before Paladyne, Mr Robertson was the founder and President of GAA, a consulting firm providing high-end systems to the alternative investment industry, having spent his early career as a technology investment banker for Credit Suisse and later Merrill Lynch.

“I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for revenue growth and expansion of the Marco Polo New World product offering given our long-standing relationships with foreign brokers and our unique global trading reach,” commented Christian Robertson. “Marco Polo New World is able to leverage Perseus infrastructure services in new and existing markets.  Investing in the latest technologies, Marco Polo New World will be able to grow into new global markets and lines of business, while expanding our existing platform,” he concluded.

Marco Polo New World, established in 2000, was one of the original firms who set out to overcome the barriers to investing and trading between developed and emerging markets. Today Marco Polo New World, with its new focus and technology, has in place a global electronic trading platform that currently provides connections to 80+ plus countries representing more than 100 markets.

Dr. Jock Percy, Chairman of Marco Polo New World commented, “We are delighted to have Christian take the helm given his proven track record, innovative thought leadership and his ability to execute on deployment of a global trading technology business.”

Source: Marco Polo New World,03.02.2014

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Pioneers and Leaders of Emerging Markets Trading Launches: Marco Polo New World

Marco Polo New World redefines global trading solutions through innovation and reliability

Perseus Telecom providing ultra-low latency connectivity and infrastructure to Marco Polo New World

NEW YORK – 30 September 2013 – Recently acquired Marco Polo Securities today announced that it has integrated with ‘Marco Polo New World.’ The Marco Polo New World vision encompasses new management along with next generation technology, befitting the firm’s testament to reliability and performance that have kept loyal financial services customers in place for fourteen years.

Cliff Goldman, CFO and President of Marco Polo, stated, “Launching Marco Polo New World coincides precisely with the strategic repositioning the firm has made, in the context of being a vendor of strength and reliability for the customers we serve in developed and emerging markets.”

Established in 2000, the original firm set out to overcome the barriers to investing and trading between developed and emerging markets. Today Marco Polo New World, with its new focus and technology, has in place a global electronic trading platform which currently provides connections to 70 plus countries representing more than 100 markets. This trading platform has an extensive global network of broker dealers and asset managers that enjoy neutrality and flexibility, all whom are backed by an experienced and knowledgeable service team that works around-the-clock.

Defining global trading solutions

  • Premier global electronic trading provider with experienced and professional customer support
  • Committed to continually providing new gateways to Emerging Markets
  • Strong new leadership and vision, committed to innovation and reliability

Anthony Orantes, Managing Director of Marco Polo New World, says, “Customer feedback has been phenomenal throughout the Marco Polo New World launch. We have strong support and backing by Perseus Telecom, which helps our customers take advantage of the Perseus global ultra-low latency connectivity to exchanges and trading venues. We also selected a world-class management team comprised of executives with significant experience operating in global markets, who understand market structure, advanced technology, and electronic exchange trading,” he concludes.

‘Defining global trading solutions’ is central to the Marco Polo New World value proposition. “Our New World brand name, and even our logo, is based on innovation, technology, and connectivity.  This core value reinforces what we are committed to deliver to our global customer base,” said Kamran Rafieyan, Director of Marco Polo New World. “With the new leadership in place our firm can deliver a higher level of service for our current and future customers.”

With the new management team of Dr. Jock Percy, Marco Polo New World Chairman, Cliff Goldman, CFO and President of Marco Polo Securities, Anthony Orantes, Managing Director Sales, and newly appointed Kamran Rafieyan, Director of Marco Polo New World, the company’s vision is being executed by a team of trusted, experienced, and performance-driven partners.   Under the guidance of this leadership, Marco Polo New World will work closely with its customers to help them navigate through the array of complexities in today’s global trading markets.

Perseus provides network and infrastructure to Marco Polo New World resulting in significant advantages for the firm and its customers. In addition to more efficient operations for the company, by utilizing the Perseus award winning ultra low latency network, Marco Polo New World customers will be availed to increased trading speeds.

Marco Polo New World, through its local exchange and brokerage relationships, offers intra-market connectivity and routing to brokers and exchanges in more than 100 markets. “Perseus Telecom is a global market-to-market exchange connectivity provider with the lowest latency available, and it is now supercharging the Marco Polo New World platform,” said Dr. Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom. “Perseus serves a significant number of trading firms, exchanges and technology providers with unsurpassed speed and precision,” Percy added.

Source: MarcoPolo & Perseus,30.09.2013

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BM&FBOVESPA Authorizes Cedro Market & Finances As DMA Provider

The Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange – BM&FBOVESPA has authorized Cedro Market & Finances to act as a provider of direct market access (DMA) for BM&F segment (derivatives markets). As from today, Cedro will offer its clients an order routing system that allows direct trading of financial and agricultural derivatives traded at the Exchange.

This DMA modality permits investors to directly access the Exchange’s electronic trading platform, GTS, without having to transmit the data through the brokerage house’s network. The client connects to BM&FBOVESPA’s system through the authorized provider. The connection between the investor and the Exchange, however, is monitored by the brokerage house that provided the access so as to enable it to control the customer’s order flow.

Cedro Market & Finances is the first Brazilian company authorized to act as a DMA provider. With the adherence of Cedro, BM&FBOVESPA now has three access providers for the derivatives and futures markets. In January, Marco Polo Networks began offering the service, and, in May, Bloomberg Tradebook.

Cedro Market & Finances is a financial markets technology provider. The company has a portfolio of approximately 49 clients and 100,000 domestic and international investors from countries like USA, United Kingdom, and Spain.

Trading via DMA provider

In July 2009, trading via DMA provider registered 1,030,300 contracts traded, in 16,763 trades. These numbers represent 16.6% of the total contracts traded and 3% of the number of trades, during the same period, in all DMA trading (BM&F segment), including DMA via order routing with CME Group.


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BM&FBOVESPA Provides Investors With Direct Access to the Brazilian Derivatives Market via Bloomberg Tradebook

BM&FBOVESPA has just authorized Bloomberg Tradebook do Brasil Ltda to act as a provider of direct market access (DMA), which will allow investors to connect directly to the Exchange’s derivatives trading system, or Global Trading System (GTS). This authorization will allow Bloomberg to offer its customers an order routing system via the infrastructure that is furnished by Bloomberg, with its hardware and software structure located in an external data processing facility that is independent from BM&FBOVESPA.

The system works as follows: after obtaining an authorization from a brokerage house to trade contracts in the BM&F segment, the investor will establish a direct physical connection to the order book of the Exchange’s GTS derivatives trading system. This physical connection is accomplished directly between Bloomberg and the Exchange through the Financial Community Communication Network (RCCF), allowing orders to be sent to BM&FBOVESPA through a proprietary FIX session, without transmitting the data through the brokerage house’s network.

The connection between the investor and the Exchange, however, is monitored by the brokerage house that provided the access so as to enable it to control the customer’s order flow. The brokerage houses that are interested in using the services of Bloomberg Tradebook must contract these services directly from Bloomberg.

With the adherence of Bloomberg Tradebook do Brasil Ltda., BM&FBOVESPA now has two DMA access providers for the derivatives and futures markets. The service related to the routing of orders to the GTS, which has been provided by the company Marco Polo since January of 2009, is also available to all the CME Group Globex system users. Other companies are currently in the process of obtaining authorization and will soon offer similar services, which will further facilitate the access of investors to all the products offered by the Brazilian Exchange.

Source:BM&FBOVESPA, 04.05.2009

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IXE Casa de Bolsa launches state of art FIX-OMS to BMV Mexican Stock Exchange

IXE Casa de Bolsa has introduced its state of art FIX order management system permitting a fast, efficient and transparent order routing and execution. The FIX connectivity allows IXE to certify and expedite the adoption of electronic trading with global and domestic market participants to process the increasing order flow and volumes, through its low latency Direct Market Access (DMA) connectivity to Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.

IXE has invested time and resources in revamping its electronic trading platform as institutional clients move towards electronic trading. The system enables clients of IXE to send orders of any size and type, inclusive program-, portfolio- and quant traders, and see them executed instantly. FIX orders of any size can be accepted and executed with a transparency and efficiency.

IXE is connected to a variety of different order routing networks including Bloomberg, MarcoPolo, NYFIX, BT Radianz, and Thomson-Reuters. Currently foreign and domestic clients using IXE’s system include, Investment Banks, Buy-Side Firms, Interbroker Dealers, Pension Funds, Program Traders, Quant Traders, as well as Retail clients.

IXE Casa de Bolsa is one of Mexico’s and Latin Americas leading broker with advanced DMA trade connectivity and technology, offering program-, portfolio- and quant trading.

IXE Casa de Bolsa was incorporated in 1964. Its strategy is to become an integral partner in its clients overall financial transactions. IXE Casa de Bolsa’s clients include institutionals, corporations, individuals, as well as government entities and provide access to a wide array of products and services.

IXE’s financials, which are amongst the highest capitalization ratio of the entire banking system, allows IXE to reduce counterparty risk for its clients, making it a preferred broker in Mexico. With a top pan-regional sales team, IXE is able to give local expertise covering more than 100+ companies in a variety of sectors. IXE’s new order management system will expand IXE’s clients base and ultimately consolidate IXE’s overall market share as one of the top in Mexico.
Source: IXE Casa de Bolsa, 15.01.2009

For further information, please contact:

Nicolas A. Drohojowski

+5215552689000 or +1-866-408-3493

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ACTIV Financial and Marco Polo Network unite to simplify and speed inter-market trading in Brazil

ACTIV Financial and Marco Polo Network will deploy a joint solution to enable high-frequency trading in the Brazilian markets.   Leveraging ACTIV’s low-latency ticker plant in Brazil, Marco Polo can now provide a single supplier trade execution and market data solution.

“We chose ACTIV to grow our Latin American market presence based on the company’s reputation for providing fast, accurate and reliable market data around the world,” said David Meredith, chief technology officer of Marco Polo Network.  “Working with ACTIV enables us to react to demand by quickly deploying solutions to broker-dealers in these emerging capital markets as needed.  We’ve already received interest from other emerging markets for this offering and look forward to working with ACTIV to support our further expansion in growing financial centers.”

“With the rapid changes enveloping the global financial markets, the winners will be the broker-dealers and traders who can quickly seize new opportunities,” said Frank Piasecki, president of ACTIV Financial.  “As the ninth-largest economy in the world and a growing force in the futures industry, Brazil has become a hotbed in capital markets, attracting top-tier institutional investors and traders alike.  ACTIV’s technologies had been built from the ground up for rapid deployment and maximum cost effectiveness. This relationship with Marco Polo gives our customers the head start to capitalize on evolving markets and industry dynamics as they emerge.”

Source: ActivFinancial 28.10.2008

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