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Latin America Fund and Investment News Aug-Oct 2011 – Alternative Latin Investor

American Business Practices in Brazil: A Contrarian’s View

Premium Article OCT, 2011 U.S. companies have been investing heavily in Brazilian private equity in recent years, capitalizing on the across-the-board growth in the country’s small, mid and large cap companies. But according to Malcolm McLelland, an American-born, Brazil-based consultant and…Read Full Article

Latin American Hedge Funds

Premium Article OCT, 2011 Hedge funds have become one of the most vital asset classes in LatAm in recent years, and LatAm hedge funds some of the most successful in the global industry, as local investors aim to diversify their strategies and exposure in the region while foreign investors vie for b…Read Full Article


Premium Article OCT, 2011 Given its robust growth in recent years and massive wealth compared to its neighbors, Brazil has attracted the lion’s share of global investment in LatAm, with foreign investors allocating especially aggressively to equity and government bonds. Brazilian investors, …Read Full Article

MILA Integrated Latin American Market

OCT, 2011 On May 30 of this year, the Integrated Latin American Market (Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano, or MILA) was launched, combining the stock markets of Colombia, Chile and Peru into a single cross-trading platform. A key component of a regional trend toward integration, MILA has been wide…Read Full Article

Brazilian Pension Funds

Premium Article OCT, 2011 Alternative asset managers around the globe are vying for the attention of Brazil’s swelling pension funds. As of early 2011, these funds had a total of $342 billion under management and had grown an average of 14% per year for the last five years, one of the highest…Read Full Article

Meta-Trends in LatAm Investment

Premium Article OCT, 2011 The progress of alternative asset investment in LatAm is following two basic meta-trends, that is, large-scale and long-term patterns that transcend specific products, firms or opportunities. These meta-trends are, first, the increasing interpenetration of managers from th…Read Full Article

High Net Worth Individuals in LatAm

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 The wealth and quantity of high net worth individuals (HNWI) in LatAm has grown in recent years. According to the Capgemini/Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report 2011, the number of LatAm HNWI grew by 6.2% in 2010, and its total HNWI wealth by 9.2%. There are about a half…Read Full Article

Quant Funds

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 After taking a battering during the 2008 credit crunch and struggling in the early stages of recovery, quantitative (or ‘quant’) funds are trying to reassert themselves in the industry. And a small, but growing, number are looking to start afresh in the …Read Full Article

LatAm Funds

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 U.S. Institutional investors looking to increase their exposure to emerging markets have been turning increasingly to a handful of LATAM countries, where they see a swelling pool of experienced fund managers working within a context of political stability and economic g…Read Full Article

Institutional Investing in LatAm

Premium Article AUGUST, 2011 For most institutional investors, there is an uncertainty about LatAm´s quality and future – and a certainty about its checkered past – that gives them pause as they investigate young managers in the region. Most of these investors want to see a stron…Read Full Article

Source:Alternative Latin Investor, October 2011


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Black Rock Bob Doll: 10 pronósticos para los próximos 10 años

“10 perspectivas para los próximos 10 años”, en el que Robert C. Doll, Vicepresidente y Estratega en Jefe de Capitales para Capitales Fundamentales de BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK), da sus pronósticos sobre el ambiente para las inversiones en la próxima década.

  1. La renta variable de E.U. experimentará retornos totales porcentuales de un solo digito después de la peor década desde 1930
  2. Las recesiones ocurrirán más frecuentemente durante esta década, en vez de solamente una vez cada década, como ocurrió en los últimos 20 años.
  3. El sector salud, la tecnología de información y alternativas energéticas liderarán las áreas de crecimiento en E.U.
  4. El dólar estadounidense continuará siendo menos dominante según avance la década.
  5. Las tasas de interés se elevarán irregularmente en los países en vías de desarrollo.
  6. El interés del país derivará en más conflictos comerciales y políticos.
  7. Una población en vías de envejecimiento genera para Europa algunos de los problemas de Japón.
  8. El crecimiento mundial se deriva del consumo en los mercados emergentes.
  9. Los mercados emergentes influyen en el aumento de los índices globales significativamente.
  10. Continuará el ascenso económico y político de China.

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Fuente: BlackRock/ CarralSierra 02.08.2010

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