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LSE: London Stock Exchange was award for Financial Information Commercial Policiy

The Financial Information Services Division (FISD)’s Consumer Constituency Group (CCG) today honored the London Stock Exchange with the first-ever “Best of the Best” Award for Excellence in Financial Information Commercial Policies. The award, presented today in Paris, is given on an ad-hoc basis when a supplier demonstrates excellence in the development and roll-out of new administrative policies.

The London Stock Exchange was selected for the first-ever ‘Bobbie’ award for its dedication to responding to customer needs, development of a simple, standardized administrative process, and adherence to industry best practices.

“London Stock Exchange Group is committed to providing the highest levels of service, responding to our customer’s needs as well as following industry best practices. We are proud to have been awarded the first ever ‘Bobbie’ award and hope that it drives further innovation in commercial and administrative policies across the industry. It is particularly important to us that this award is presented from our key sell-side and buy-side firms, as an endorsement that we are truly aligned with our clients.” said Jarod Hillman, Head of Real Time Data for the London Stock Exchange Group.

The CCG was particularly impressed with the introduction of a per-user model, which allows netting across vendors. It simplifies the unit of count, which allows for the introduction of a new non-display charge, along with its new non-display policy. It is the hope of the group that the award will serve as an incentive for all suppliers to implement their policies with equal clarity and reasonableness.

“Over the last several years consumer firms have changed their consumption patterns for market data products and services and are increasingly meeting business needs through the distribution of services to computing platforms as opposed to the historically dominant use case of desktop services. Market data providers continue to adjust to these changes through new products and new commercial policies often with the consequence of increasingly complex polices, added administrative burdens to consumers, and rising costs overall,” said Steve Listhaus, Co-Chair, FISD Consumer Constituency Group.

“The London Stock Exchange invited customers, via the FISD umbrella, to review and comment on a proposed new policy for derived data and non-display usage.  Their final policy reflected the input of FISD consumer firms and demonstrated sensitivity to the issues of complexity and cost.  Therefore the CCG is pleased to recognize LSE for their collaborative approach and understanding of the key concerns of the FISD consumer constituency.”

Source: MondoVisione, 09.03.2012

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Finextra and the FISD partner for Data webcasts in 2010

The Financial Information Services Division (FISD) and Finextra have forged a partnership to deliver a series of video webcasts for market data and risk management professionals worldwide with a focus on real-time data management and delivery, reference data, and standards.

The events will be hosted in-studio and broadcast via real-time or recorded streaming video to an invited audience of financial professionals. Participants will be able to interact with panelists during the live webcasts via real-time Q&As.

The FISD/Finextra partnership builds on Finextra’s established Finextra Live brand of webcast events. Past webcasts have been broadcast from London, Hong Kong and New York. Participants have included senior representatives from HSBC, Nomura, Citi, Morgan Stanely, Societe Generale, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. Over 2,500 people working within the financial industry have registered to attend Finextra video webcasts since March 2009.

Tom Davin, managing director of FISD, says “A survey of FISD members revealed that more of them would like to interact with FISD programs and thought leadership via more sophisticated technologies. Our partnership with Finextra aims to provide timely and relevant topics and discussion to our member base and beyond via interactive video content.”

Nick Hastings, managing director of Finextra, says: “This new service will provide the industry with a forum to discuss and learn about key issues affecting global data management via emerging and innovative communication mediums.”

Source:FINEXTRA, 06.01.2010

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FIX Protocal and FISD (Financial Information Service Division) sign statement of understanding

April 16th, 2009 – FIX Protocol Limited (FPL) and the Software & Information Industry Associationâ•˙s (SIIA) Financial Information Services Division (FISD) have signed a Statement of Understanding.  FPL is a non-profit organisation that owns the intellectual property rights of the Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX), which is a globally-recognised messaging standard enabling the electronic communication of pre-trade and trade messages between financial institutions, primarily investment managers, broker-dealers, ECNs and exchanges.  FISD is a non-profit, member, roundtable organisation, representing firms within multiple constituencies in the securities industry focused on operational and policy issues related to financial information.

This agreement outlines a collaborative approach that will seek to further promote the use of standards to enhance straight-through-processing (STP), operational transparency, interoperability between market participants and regulators, and improved integration. These efforts will be of significant benefit to the financial services community, enabling even greater efficiencies and cost savings to be achieved.

This partnership will facilitate greater collaboration on a number of initiatives, including an agreement to work together with other industry bodies to provide leadership in the identification of reference and market data industry best practices for inclusion into international standards.  In addition to this, FPL will actively contribute to the FISD Data Model Working Group which has been formed to consolidate and extend existing instrument data models into a framework that addresses the business issues exposed by the current credit crisis.  These issues include the intermittent and inconsistent reconciliation of business and technical practices across merged and acquired platforms, and the relationship between streaming trade data and reference/proprietary information stored in multiple relational databases.

Commenting on this development Jim Northey, Co-Chair FPL Americas Regional Committee, and FPLâ•˙s Industry Standards Liaison stated˛We have had a strong relationship with the SIIA / FISD over the past few years.  This agreement provides a formal grounding for even greater collaboration moving forwards, the result of which will be of significant benefit to all industry participants in the area of reference data standards and transparency.

Bill Nichols, FISD Program Director for Securities Automation Processing, added˛As the distinctions between market and reference data become increasingly arbitrary, FISD and FPL are uniquely positioned to provide our members with a venue within which to cover all aspects of the landscape, from legal issues to down and dirty technical details.  We are pleased to formalise our combined efforts and look forward to increased collaboration in several areas.╡

About FIX Protocol Ltd
FIX Protocol Ltd is a non-profit organisation that owns the intellectual property rights of the Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX), which is available free of charge from the FPL website, subject to FPL˙s copyright and acceptable use policy.  FIX is a globally-recognised messaging standard enabling the electronic communication of pre-trade, trade, and post-trade messages up to settlement, between financial institutions, primarily investment managers, broker-dealers, ECNs and exchanges.  For more information, see

About FISD
The Financial Information Services Division (FISD) of the Software and Information Industry Association providers a neutral business forum for exchanges, market data vendors, specialist data providers, brokerage firms, investment managers and banks to address and resolve business and technical issues related to the distribution, management, administration and use of market data.  Participants use the forum to exchange ideas, build business relationships and improve the business climate associated with the worldwide flow of financial information.  For more information, visit

Source: FPL 16.04.09

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FISD Asia Pacific Event – Shanghai 21.04.2009

    The FISD Asia-Pac events offer the opportunity for professionals in the local market data community to meet and discuss the impact of both local and global industry developments. These meetings are scheduled to provide FISD members from around the globe with an opportunity to coordinate their business travel around activities in which the local Pacific Rim market data community participates.

    Fullday Program

    Welcome Remark – Mr. Bai Shuo, Assistant to President and CTO, Shanghai Stock Exchange
    Keynote – Mr. Wang, Yong, CEO, SSE InfoNet Ltd.
    Data Acquisition and Application for High Frequency Trading – Mr. Alex Chu, Bloomberg
    Speech by A Domestic Institutional Investor
    Presentation by China Securities Index Co., Ltd.
    FAST protocol applied in SSE Level-2 market data feed – Mr. Huang, Yue, SSE InfoNet Ltd.
    FISD Initiatives and Activities – Tom Davin, Managing Director, FISD/SIIA
    Economic Crisis: Regional and Global Update – Andrew Browne, Editor – China, WSJ and DJ Newswires

    Inside Market Data Panel: “Drivers of Data Demand in the Dragon Empire“                                               Eastern Promise: Competitive Battlefield or Regulatory Minefield?“

    Briefing from Standard & Poors – Kevin Ng, Director, Fixed Income & Risk Management Solutions, Asia Pacific
    Hardware – the path to lower latency” – Crispin Clarke, SVP – Asia and Latin America, Solace Systems

    Source: FISD, 16.03.2009

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    Inside Market Data: Standards May 2008

    This report discusses financial industry standards like: FIX, FAST, FpML, XBRL, MDDL, Symbology, STEP, ISO Standards.  IMD: Standards May 2008

    Source: Inside Market Data, May 2008

    Raising the Standard, By Max Bowie

    Every great structure is made up of a complex arrangement of smaller, more basic building blocks
    that together create a greater whole. The world of market data is no exception: It is neither luck
    nor miracles that ensure data gets to the right consumer in the right format, in time for the right
    purpose, but a sophisticated combination of underlying protocols that govern the message
    formats used for specific purposes and data types.
    Traditionally fragmented along the lines of vendors’ proprietary communication protocols,
    the financial industry has in recent years stepped into the driving seat with a series of initiatives
    intended to develop undisputed standards for different parts of the pre- and post-trade process.
    Yet not all of these—such as the FISD’s Market Data Definition Language (MDDL)—imme-
    diately took off, while others like the FIX Protocol proved so successful that firms were soon
    creating their own “flavors” of FIX. So much so that when the market tried playing fast and loose
    with the FAST Protocol, a derivative of FIX for streaming data, FPL took steps to ensure that the
    standard remained intact and that its value was not diminished by non-standard implementations that undermine its effectiveness.d

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    Conferences 2007

    Relevant Events participated and attended by FiNETIK in 2007.

    Shenzhen FinExpo Shenzhen 30.11.-1.12
    ATIC-Asian Traders and Investor Conference, Shenzhen 30.11-1.12
    FISD Singapore, 29.10
    FISD Shanghai, 18.10
    14th FOW Derivatives & Securities World, Singapore 2.-3.10
    Latin Asia Business Forum Singapore, 1.-2.10.
    ARC-Asian Rubber Conference, Cambodia – Phnom Penn, 16.-17.6.
    ATIC-Asian Traders and Investor Conference, Ho Chi Minh City,26.-27.5 *
    5th Asia Pacific FPL Electronic Trading Summit 2007- Singapore, 10.5
    ATIC-Asian Traders and Investor Conference, Singapore, 14.-15.4
    ATIC-Asian Traders and Investor Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 17-18.3
    BT Radianz “Exchange Road Show” Hong Kong, 25.1

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    Impact of growing Market Data Volums – Shanghai Stock Exchange

    See Market Data Volums Presenations (download) as presented on October 18th, 2007 in Shanghai to China’s financial information vendor and user community. Trend and Solutions in of the growing market data volum.  An event jointly organized between SSE Infonet (Shanghai Stock Exchange) and FISD

    Source: 18.10.2007 FiNETIK, Stephan Stadelmann

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