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Capco Proposes the Creation of a Data Culture to Advance Data Management RDR

Financial firms are falling short on data management issues such as calculating the true cost of data, identifying the operational cost savings of improved data management and embracing social media data, but according to research by consultancy Capco, these issues can be resolved with a cross-organisational and practical approach to data management and the development of a data culture.

The business and technology consultancy’s report – ‘Why and how should you stop being an organisation that manages data and become a data management organisation’ – is based on interviews with towards 100 senior executives at European financial institutions. It considers the many approaches to data management across the industry and within individual enterprises, as well as the need to rethink data management. It states: “There is one certainty: data and its effective management can no longer be ignored.”

The report suggests an effective data management culture will include agreed best practices that are known to a whole organisation and leadership provided by a chief data officer (CDO) with a voice at board level and control of data management strategy and operational implementation.

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Turning the situation around and attaching practical solutions to the data management vision of an all-encompassing data culture, Capco lists regulatory compliance, risk management, revenue increase, innovation and cost reduction as operational areas where good data management can have a measurable and positive effect on profit and loss.

Setting out how an organisation can create an effective data culture, Capco notes the need to change from being an organisation that is obliged to do a certain amount of data management, to a mandated and empowered data management organisation in which data has ongoing recognition as a key primary source. The report concludes: “Every organisation has the potential, as well as the need, to become a true data management organisation. However, the journey needs to begin now.”

Source: Reference Data Review, 24.10.2012

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NYSE Technologies Open Sources MAMA API to create vendor neutral OpenMAMA platform

Broadens Access and Increases Flexibility for All Users and Vendors  through New Standard for Global Capital Markets, Hosted at Linux Foundation

NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology unit of NYSE Euronext (NYX), today announced that it has open sourced its Middleware Agnostic Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAMASM), now called OpenMAMA. As a vendor neutral platform driven by the financial services technology community, OpenMAMA enables companies to protect their technology investments and help remove the friction in implementing new trading technology solutions across their technology operations utilizing a simple, consistent API.

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, OpenMAMA is supported by a steering committee of some of the most recognized names in financial services, including J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EMC, Exegy and Fixnetix, among others. This newly open-sourced code establishes a new industry standard delivering greater flexibility and reduced development times with an underlying goal of lowering costs and building broader support for a range of interconnected programs. OpenMAMA offers a robust set of features with unmatched reliability and performance that ensure a uniform, future-proof middleware messaging solution for financial services firms. It is available through the Linux Foundation project today and the steering committee will announce new members and participants to the OpenMAMA initiative in the coming months.

“NYSE Technologies’ vision has always been to create a new breed of capital markets community that benefits from our extensive global network and utilizes the best, most innovative technologies from a range of service providers, not just ourselves,” said Stanley Young, CEO, NYSE Technologies. “Launching OpenMAMA through the Linux Foundation is another step toward achieving that goal. Through the industry steering committee, we are positioning ourselves alongside our peers and customers to become expert consultants for open sourced capital markets technology. We have created a vibrant customer community of over 150 market participants using MAMATM, and now with OpenMAMA, customers and firms everywhere will benefit from third-party contributors creating an even richer and more compelling API.”

Additionally, NYSE Technologies has worked with a diverse range of vendors and financial institutions at the forefront of technological innovation to create a steering group comprised of industry leaders building and utilizing financial technology applications. Collectively, the committee will determine OpenMAMA’s development roadmap, funding, strategy and product direction. As the OpenMAMA community grows, the steering committee composition could change to incorporate new members that join through the Linux Foundation.

Scott Parsons, CTO, Exegy added, “OpenMAMA is a very exciting chance for the industry to collaborate and architect the functionality and direction of a key piece of infrastructure. Using the MAMA API, we can now design a platform that strikes a unique balance of performance, interoperability and future proofing that has never been done before.”

“Fixnetix is pleased to join leading members of the global banking, hedge fund and proprietary trading community for the Linux Foundation steering committee on OpenMAMA,” says Anthony Kingsnorth, Director of Operations, Fixnetix. “We believe industry collaboration will only yield the best results and outcome for our universal trading, market data and risk control customer base.”

NYSE Technologies decision to open the MAMA platform creates an easily accessible architecture and proves its commitment to true strategic partnership with its customers. The benefits of the OpenMAMA platform are further strengthened by NYSE Technologies’ innovative plan to publish an industry-wide standardized data model. Furthermore, the OpenMAMA project will release the Middleware Agnostic Market Data API (MAMDA Aerly next year. MAMDA will provide users with the ability to publish and consume market data from multiple sources and vendors in a standardized format onto the open platform to help market participants better leverage technology assets and innovate more rapidly.

As market activity evolves and customer needs change, OpenMAMA will continue to be an open, flexible and efficient means of developing and deploying new, event-driven applications. The first release of OpenMAMA is available now with substantial updates expected through March 2012.

Source: Bobsguide, 31.10.2011

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