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Brazil:CMA – The Latin American Market Data and Trading Company offers Direct BM&F BOVESPA Connectivity

July 30, 2012– New York, NY (USA) and São Paulo(Brazil) – Latin American trading services provider CMA Inc., has announced a new delivery method for direct BM&F and BOVESPA market data and trading connectivity for International firms.

CMA has been providing BM&F and BOVESPA market data for over thirty five years to the trading community of Brazil. It now has leading exchange trading software services in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile with 20,000 subscribers worldwide. Today, CMA’s platforms such as CMA Series 4 have been rolled out on an impressive network called “CMA Redes Digitais.” The Redes Digitais  infrastructure is installed and directly connected within the exchange’s datacenter for the lowest possible latency.

Today’s announcement by CMA represents the launch and deployment of a directly connected infrastructure at the BM&F BOVESPA in São Paulo, Brazil with the CMA datacenter in New York. Companies can now co-locate their routers and servers with CMA at the BM&F BOVESPA datacenter or chose to receive the raw market data over CMA’s multi-gig private lines which terminate at CMA’s datacenter in New York City. The offering was developed to help firms trading with counter parties in São Paulo or for going directly to the exchange’s trading systems in a Direct Market Access (DMA) fashion.

 Many firms need to bring market data back to the USA and in return send trades messages to the exchange in Brazil. In both cases planning, paperwork and relationships are needed in order to complete the set-up. CMA is a certified exchange vendor able to help participants with the required documentation needed by the exchange to receive market data and to send trade messages. CMA also provides the relationships and connectivity to Brazilian brokers who can handle orders for foreign firms.

 “CMA’s market visibility as a prime vendor of the exchange and to 90% of the exchange’s broker dealers allows for our customers to be installed, up and running and trading as fast as possible,” Mario Chuman, General Manager of CMA commented. “International firms rely on us to help them with both exchange and broker connectivity, enabling market data and trading right from our switches in São Paulo which are now directly connected to our New York datacenter.“

 CMA is utilizing the fastest Trans Atlantic cable systems available, giving connectivity managers the security they require for proper networking, the lowest possible latency for competitiveness, multi-market/asset availability and an array of choices in being able to do so. Connectivity managers can now expand their market reach with CMA as they look to join both the BM&F BOVESPA Equities and Futures markets at roughly 50% lower IT and communications costs than other offerings which generally only provide one feed stream and one market at a time. CMA’s solution is the most cost effective, fastest and easiest way to implement an electronic trading solution for Brazilian securities.

Source, CMA, 30.07.2012

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CMA announces LatAm Investments available on Trade HUB

CMA the leading Market Data, Order Management and Connectivity provider of Latin America continue to grow its ON-NET LatAm capital markets community of participating exchange trading institutions announces the addition of LatAm Investments to the CMA Trade HUB.

Rapid expansion of cross boarder trading preceded by exponential growth with the Mexican, Brazilian and other regional LatAm exchanges have been brought together through a mutual interests in multi-asset, multi-regional trading strategies. Recognizing the need to bring trading communities together from Europe and North America with key South American banks and broker dealers, CMA has developed a global network that certifies trading protocols and provides a deep set of Latin American market information for real-time trading of equities, options, futures and foreign exchange.

LatAm Investments, LLC is the latest organization to join CMA’s Global Trade HUB global network. LatAm Investments is a key player enabling North American and European institutions looking to send order flow South-Bound while providing essential expertise in the US markets for Latin American firms routing order flow North-Bound.

“CMA provides a strong foundation for our firm’s trading strategies with clients as they are able to provide all of the tools, market information and reach we require to access our key market opportunities and customers,” said Mr. Joe Cantatore, SVP of LatAm Investments, LLC. “CMA’s expertise is unique in market data, order management and the level of understanding to help enable client connections within the Latin American capital markets community. Through our partnership with CMA, we can offer more flexible and profitable relationships with our primary market participants” Mr. Cantatore adds.

Source: CMA, 21.12.2009

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CMA releases new ON-NET connectivity pricing model to access Latin American Exchanges and trading institutions

CMA the Market Data, Order Management and Connectivity provider of Latin America are now offering firms across North America and Europe the ability to join an ON-NET LatAm capital markets community of participating exchange trading institutions. CMA Trade HUB ON-NET access allows for Southbound and Northbound order flow for Remote Access, Direct Market Access (DMA), Algorithmic Trading and Clearing.

The costs of connectivity have been a major deterrent for many firms looking to trade LatAm capital markets over the last few years. Due to the high costs associated with connectivity of market data and trading access, CMA says that it intends to help bridge this gap by announcing a new cost effective total end-to-end connectivity solution.

“Having a partnership for connectivity with CMA is an invaluable way for our clients to get access to our trading strategies with the local Mexican Equities and Derivatives markets” states Mr. Carlos Ramirez, Head of Electronic Trading Services of IXE Casa de Bolsa. “CMA has an in-depth understanding of how our markets work and can help new entrants with the necessary services to execute,” Mr. Ramirez adds.

Source: Automated Trader, 30.11.2009

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CMA launches Latin America algo trading offering

CMA the leading Market Data, Order Management and Connectivity provider in Brazil has officially launched CMA Algoritmos onto its Trade Hub platform.

CMA can now provide algorithmic trading as a part of its portfolio of leading LatAm capital markets services and applications. CMA product offerings are currently in use throughout Latin America by over 17,000 workstations, 75 brokers with access to over 100 global exchanges.

CMA Algoritmos is a sophisticated suite of solutions particularly designed for and by the Brazilian trading market with uses throughout Latin American, Europe and North America. The user simply defines trading strategies, customizes triggers while being able to utilize many common methodologies such as SpreadMaker, VWAP, TWAP, QuickBasket, Best Offer, Volume Tracker and Financial Summary as a few examples.

CMA has enabled Algoritmos onto CMA Trade Hub, the largest network of services and applications utilizing all versions of FIX in Latin America, so that any interested trading party Buy-Side or Sell- Side in North America, Europe or beyond would have instantaneous access to broker dealers for execution.

The CMA services and applications on Trade Hub are utilized by more than 17,000 workstations from 60 brokers and many of their clients in Brazil as well as 15 other brokers and their clients throughout: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. The addition of Algoritmos makes trading Equities, Futures, Options and Foreign eXchange in Latin American Capital Markets even more lucrative.

Source: FINEXTRA, 23.11.2009

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