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ETF Landscape: Barclays Global Investors Annual Review Of Institutional Users Of ETFs In 2008

Barclays Global Investors has just published our Annual Review of Institutional Users of ETFs which looks at the use of ETFs by institutional investors globally who have reported holding one or more ETFs in their mutual fund holding disclosures, or in different filing sources including 13F, 13D and 13G, proxy or other declarable stakes during any of the four quarters of 2008 based on data compiled by Thomson Reuters.

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In the four quarters of 2008 a total of 2,926 institutional investors worldwide have reported using one or more ETFs. Over the past 11 years, the number of institutional users has increased 1,673%. This represents a CAGR of 29.9%.

Institutional investors in 42 countries have reported using at least one ETF in 2008. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and Switzerland have the largest number of institutional users and account for 83%.

Over half of the largest institutional investors (those with assets over US$10 Bn) report using one or more ETFs, while less than a quarter of institutions with assets under US$250 Mn report using ETFs. The overall penetration rate is still very low at 6.7% of reporting institutions.

Source: MondoVisione, 24.11.2009

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Mexican IPC Index ETF “iSHARES NAFTRAC” listed on Spain’s LATIBEX

BGI IShares listed it’s Mexican ETF (TRAC) NAFTRAC on the Spanish LATIBEX exchange on November 19th, 2009.

This is the first time a Mexican traded TRAC is listed abroad. It marks a significant recognition of the Mexican financial markets and in particular for BMV – Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) the Mexican Stock Exchange in it’s international expansion.

The NAFTRAC tracks the top 35 traded Mexican stocks according to the BMV IPC index. The TRAC was listed on April 16th, 2002 and was the first such instrument to be listed in Mexico and Latin America, and has become one of the most traded instruments in Mexico’s Stock Exchange.

Barclays Global Investors (BGI) Mexico, is underwriting and listing the TRAC on LATIBEX in Madrid, Spain.

Note: TRAC (Títulos Referenciados a Acciones) are the Mexican equivalent for ETF’s traded on the stock exchange and issued by BGI IShare Mexico

Note: BMV IPC tracks companies of global influence like WalMex, FEMSA (CocaCola), Telmex, Modelo, CEMEX, Bimbo, AMX, Bolsa and others with global operations and revenues. See latest performance of IPC here.

Source: BMV, 19.11.2009
Summarized translation by FiNETIK from BMV press release 19.11.2009

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Barclays Wealth Insight: Family Business in Safe Hands (2009)

Barclays Wealth Insights 8: Family Business in Safe Hands?

Source: Private Banking Innovation Library 2009

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Barclays Begins Trading 3 Brazil ETFs to Tap Investor Demand

Barclays Plc began trading of three new Brazilian Exchange Traded Funds in Sao Paulo to respond to investor demand for diverse and more easily tradable funds at a time of market volatility.

The ETFs, the first developed by Barclays in Brazil, replicate the Bovespa Index of the 66 most-traded stocks, the BM&FBovespa MidLarge Cap index and the BM&FBovespa Small Cap index. The first Brazilian ETF, the PIBB Fundo de Indice Brasil- 50 Brasil Tracker, was created in 2004.

“The type of product that we have here brings benefits for the times we’re living in,” Banco Barclays Director Marcelo Allain told reporters in Sao Paulo today. “The fund has the benefit that investors can enter and exit at any time and can better control their investment risk.”

Demand for ETFs in Brazil may follow the trend in Mexico and grow to as much as 20 percent of daily traded volume in five years, said Daniel Gamba, Barclays Global Investors’ chief executive for Latin America. The Bovespa had an average daily volume of about $3 billion during the past three months, more than six times the $440 million average volume of Mexico’s Bolsa.

The iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund, managed by Barclays, is among the 10 most-traded ETFs in New York, with daily volume of about $1 billion, Gamba said. The MSCI Brazil fund has a market cap of $3.15 billion, according to Bloomberg data.

The three ETFs that began trading today have an original investment of 100 million reais ($42 million) from strategic investors, Allain said.

The Bovespa index gained 1.7 percent to 35,329.87 at 10:14 a.m. New York time. The iShares Ibovespa fund rose 0.7 percent to 35.34 reais after opening at 35.11 reais.

Investor demand for the funds will likely lead to the creation of additional indexes and funds, including two new indexes by the end of this year, said Murilo Robotton, executive director of products at BM&FBovespa, Latin America’s biggest exchange.

“We want to have new indexes so investors can have diverse means to invest” in Brazil, Robotton told reporters. The exchange is currently creating a homebuilders index. Robotton declined to give details about the second index.

To contact the reporter on this story: Paulo Winterstein in Sao Paulo at

Source: Bloomberg, 2.11.2008

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