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NYSE Euronext Accelerates Growth in Asia with Strategic Acquisition of Metabit, a Leading Provider of Market Access Products

— Strategically complements NYSE Technologies’ product portfolio and Asian offerings

— Addresses growing customer interest and expanding Asian financial marketplace

— In-line with NYSE Technologies’ strategy of building a global liquidity network

 New York and Tokyo – August 1, 2011 – NYSE Euronext (NYX) announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Metabit, a leading Tokyo-based provider of high performance market access products throughout Japan and Asia. Metabit will operate as a product line within the NYSE Technologies portfolio. The transaction is expected to close in third quarter of 2011. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Skilled with in-depth experience and understanding of financial markets in Asia, Metabit specializes in streamlined, low-latency technology solutions that enable industry-leading access to financial markets across Asia. Metabit’s products connect buy-side order flow with sell-side exchange participants and are designed exclusively for low latency direct market access (DMA) and exchange connectivity to markets through-out Asia. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Australia and Hong Kong. Metabit has built a trading community of more than 140 trading firms in Asia.

“Metabit’s products are built in Asia for Asia, and this combination fits our strategy, our connectivity business and our customer interests,” said Stanley Young, CEO of NYSE Technologies. “Metabit has a highly experienced and respected management team, and we recognize and value the success Metabit has had in Asia, especially in Japan. We will continue the further development of this local focus while also maximizing the value of the NYSE Euronext brand and relationships.”

Mr. Young continued: “Furthermore, Japan and Asia are priorities for NYSE Euronext and we believe this is absolutely the right time to further invest in the region. We fully expect this transaction to accelerate our efforts as a leading technology provider across the Asia-Pacific region. We look forward to welcoming Metabit and its customers to NYSE Euronext, and to delivering the benefits of Metabit to our customer community.”

Daniel Burgin, CEO of Metabit, said: “Our combination with NYSE Technologies will be highly beneficial to delivering innovative solutions to our customers and to accelerate achieving our long-term business goals. We remain committed to our local business focus and service quality in Japan and throughout Asia, whilst being strengthened by NYSE Technologies’ product suite that is highly synergetic to our local solutions. The people and products of our combined companies will provide significant expertise and scale to NYSE Technologies’ business in the region. Joining forces represents a truly exceptional opportunity to build on our local success in order to increase our value proposition to our Japan and Asia customer base. We now have the opportunity to leverage our assets with NYSE Technologies and move to the next level. For the benefit of Asia-based customers, we will now expand our reach and capabilities globally.”

 Metabit’s Asia franchise has seen excellent growth as a result of a persistent product and client strategy and investments into Asia. Today, Metabit covers all DMA sectors outside Japan, ranging from China (“B” shares), India, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. Metabit’s products, being built in Asia for Asia, focus to connect the local broker community in each country, in combination with the traditional group of global trading firms. Metabit will continue to resell and provide support to users of CameronFIX as they have since 2002.

 Upon closing, Mr. Burgin will head the NYSE Technologies Asia business and report to Mr. Young. Peter Tierney, Managing Director of NYSE Technologies will become the Chief Operating Officer of the combined business in Asia, and together they will lead the business operations.

Source; NYSE Tech, 01.08.2011

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Liquidnet adds Metabit to its network / リクイドネットの発注管理システムネットワークにメタビットが接続

Lquidnet Japan, the global institutional marketplace, announced today that it has completed the system connectivity development with MetaBit, a Japan-based financial solution provider for institutional investors. Through MetaBit’s intuitive XiliX trading platform, MetaBit users can now join Liquidnet’s 592 Members (as of September 30, 2009) that trade large blocks of stocks among themselves anonymously, with significantly reduced transaction costs. Liquidnet’s patented technology allows institutional asset managers to link order management systems, giving buy-side traders a first look at the world’s largest pool of natural liquidity.

We are pleased to have established connectivity with Liquidnet,” said Daniel Burgin, CEO of MetaBit. “By enabling access to the Liquidnet system, our clients will have the opportunity to expand their block trading capacity to help achieve best execution.”

“We are very excited to partner with MetaBit, a well-respected financial technology provider that services some of the largest and most sophisticated asset managers in Asia,” said Lee Porter, head of Liquidnet Asia. “There is a strong interest among Asian institutions to be considered for inclusion in our marketplace. This agreement will allow those firms that join our marketplace to realize the effectiveness of our trading platform.”

In the third quarter of 2009, Liquidnet had an average trade size in Asian equity securities of US$897,829 which, in some cases, represented several days of average daily volume in some stocks. Despite the challenge of sourcing liquidity of that size, Liquidnet Members traded 95% of transaction within the bid/ask spread and 65% at the mid-price.

Also in the third quarter of 2009, Liquidnet continued to build momentum in the region, as it set quarterly records for principal traded and the number of executions. Liquidnet’s average daily liquidity in Asian equity securities increased over 10% quarter-over-quarter, as a result of the participation of 155 live Members in our system.

Source: Meta-Bit Systems, 01.12.2009







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MetaBit opens Dalian, China based Offshore Development Centre / メタビット、大連(中国)に開発センターを開設

Tokyo, Dalian, 20 October 2009 – MetaBit announces the opening of a dedicated offshore development centre in Dalian, China.  Staffing and line management have been outsourced to Tiger Stone International, Dalian Branch, a subsidiary of Tokyo based Tiger Stone International Co., Ltd. (TSI).  TSI is a specialist solution provider that services Japan’s financial industry with China based offshore development, and also offers a proprietary product line in the area of algorithmic trading and risk management.

The new dedicated development team managed by Tiger Stone International will focus on providing MetaBit with additional development capacity for rapid expansion of their intuitive XiliX trading platform and ALPHA low-latency FIX exchange gateways to Asian markets.

“After careful evaluation of several options for offshore development, MetaBit has selected Tiger Stone International in Dalian, China to be the responsible party to offer us their services.  Of particular importance in the selection was our confidence in Tiger Stone International’s trusted leadership and professional skill set,” comments Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO who continues, “Cost effective labor is still plentiful in Asia, but eventual success, efficiency and longevity of offshore development are built on trust and the quality of local management to represent our interests.  TSI offered low cost development in China, trusted leadership, and extensive technical and business experience in the financial industry, proving a compelling solution.  This new partnership represents an important milestone in MetaBit’s strategic expansion in Japan and Asia.”

John Edwards, MetaBit CTO explains, “Sydney will remain the core development centre of MetaBit and will continue to grow, albeit at a slower rate than in 2008/2009.  Jointly with Tiger Stone we have established an extensive know-how and training program to create an efficient and solid China based development centre.”

Huyan Song, Tiger Stone International CEO ,was born and educated in Mainland China and has spent his working career in Japan’s financial industry, gaining specialist expertise in the FIX Protocol, risk management and algorithmic trading solutions.

Song comments, “Tiger Stone delivers a dual service to the financial industry; the combination of providing offshore services, and licensing our own product line which focuses on algorithmic trading and risk management solutions for buy and sell side clients.  Due to our industry expertise, we employ skilled labor that is bilingual Chinese/English or Chinese/Japanese.  We have had a successful partnership with MetaBit since 2008, with focus on product synergies.  Today, I am pleased that the relationship has expanded to leverage Tiger Stone’s offshore development services.  As of October, an initial six of our Dalian based staff have been dedicated to MetaBit, and are currently undergoing an extensive training program to familiarize themselves with MetaBit’s technology and products.  Tiger Stone’s own product line of algorithmic trading and risk management is tailored for mid-tier securities firms that face the need to offer such services to institutional buy sides, but suffer from lack of internal resources and expertise.”


タイガーストーンインターナショナルによって新しくメタビットの開発に従事するチームは、メタビットの直観的トレーディング・プラットフォームXiliX(ザイリクス)および低レイテンシーFIX取引所ゲートウェーAlpha (アルファ)のアジア市場での急速な拡大に必要な開発力を補助することになります。

メタビットCEOダニエル・ブルギン氏は、「オフショア開発の様々な選択肢を入念に評価した結果、メタビットはタイガーストーンインターナショナルの大連支社にサービスを提供していただくことを決定いたしました。決定に際し特に重視した点は、タイガーストーンインターナショナルの信頼あるリーダーシップとプロフェッショナルな技術力にありました。また、アジア地域における低コストの労働力は数多く存在しますが、最終的に成功と効率性をもたらし長期的にオフショア開発を行うには信頼と我々に代わって取り仕切る現地管理の質の上に成り立つものです。TSIは中国において 低コストでサービスを提供しつつ信頼のあるリーダーシップ、豊富な技術力と金融機関での実績があり、決定にいたりました。この新たなパートナーシップはメタビットの日本とアジアにおける戦略的市場拡大の重要かつ画期的な出来事であることを表しています。」と述べています。




Source: MetaBit, 20.10.2009メタビット

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MetaBit launches Exchange Simulator for upcoming TSE arrowhead – メタビット、東証arrowhead対応の取引所シミュレーターをリリース

Tokyo, 28 April 2009 – MetaBit announces the launch of its Exchange Simulator (EXSiM), which emulates the behaviour of the order and execution interface (API) to TSE’s new arrowhead exchange trading system.

The timing of the product release – eight months prior to the live date of arrowhead, will create a welcome value proposition for sell side brokers and software vendors alike that are developing exchange connectivity against the upcoming arrowhead.  This product launch is the latest addition to MetaBit’s suite of EXSiM – Exchange Simulator software – catering for Japan’s securities exchanges.

EXSiM for arrowhead supports sell side brokers in and outside Japan to prepare their internal software products, including order management systems (OMS), algorithms and exchange connectivity, in preparation for the launch of TSE’s arrowhead exchange system, scheduled to go live in January 2010. “EXSiM for arrowhead is an agnostic software product that emulates the exact behaviour of the new arrowhead trading API.  EXSiM’s strength lies in its independence of underlying operating system and hardware.  The simulator can be installed by a client’s IT development team inside or outside Japan,” explains Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO.

“EXSiM is delivered with a console where a user can script specific exchange behaviour, such as rejections and partial fills of orders that might prove difficult to produce during an exchange test.  The timely availability of EXSiM for arrowhead before formal exchange tests are made available, is due to MetaBit being a Pilot User of arrowhead for its own, ultra low latency (below millisecond) FIX exchange connectivity gateway.”

EXSiM for arrowhead is a Java based software.  The product creates benefits to sell side member firms, software vendors and offshore brokers that plan to become remote members of TSE’s arrowhead.  The new simulator product does not replacing formal exchange tests, but aims to reducing time to market for a participants’ development cycles. EXSiM for arrowhead will continue as a standard MetaBit exchange simulator post live date of TSE’s new exchange system.  It will join the suite of other available EXSiM products such as for Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE).

2009年4月28日 メタビットシステムズ株式会社(本社東京)は、東証の新取引システム「arrowhead」に対応した取引所メッセージシミュレーター(EXSiM)をリリースしました。EXSiMはarrowheadへの注文・ 約定のインターフェース(API)のメッセージ制御を正確にエミュレートします。arrowheadの正式稼働予定日の8ヶ月前という今回の製品リリースのタイミングは、現在社内開発をすすめている取引所会員やソフトウェアベンダーにとって、先行して利用し開発の進捗を早めることに寄与する魅力的なバリュー・プロポジションをもたらすものといえます。この製品はメタビットが提供する日本の各取引所に対応したEXSiM-取引所シミュレーターソフトウェア・スイートに新しく追加されたものです。





Source: MetaBit Systems, 28.04.2009

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MetaBit Niche Opportunities in Global Crisis

[Excerpt] Direct-market access (DMA) remains a strong growth area as Japanese firms look to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

One leading provider, Tokyo-based MetaBit Systems, in October added buy-side compliance validation and advisory order routing to XiliX, its multibroker DMA platform. Daniel Burgin, CEO of MetaBit, which was founded in 2000, says the new functionality “not only checks compliance functions against Japan’s regulations,” but “each buy-side firm or asset manager could create its own internal compliance rules that are stored in a client-specific database against which XiliX performs real-time checks when trading.”

According to Celent’s Katkov, smaller Asian vendors such as MetaBit can compete with larger global rivals because they are closer to the local markets. The XiliX compliance enhancement, for instance, was developed in cooperation with Bridge Capital Securities, a Tokyo-based firm catering to asset managers and institutional investors.

“If it’s a compliance company it knows the compliance issues in that market, and if it’s a technology company it could have the technology customized for that market in terms of currency and regulatory needs,” Katkov says. “In addition, local companies mostly serve local buy-side firms and brokers which may be too small for SunGard or other big IT providers. It is a very rich landscape for service and technology providers in Asia in terms of responding to the crisis.”

Source: Securities Industries News, by Wang Fangqing, 05.01.2009

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MetaBit offers low latency FIX connectivity for TSE’s Remote Trading Participants – メタビット、東証「リモート取引参加者」へ高速FIX接続を提供

Tokyo, 12 November 2008 – MetaBit confirms its high performance, low latency FIX exchange connectivity solution is suitable for Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)’s recently announced co-location services for offshore trading firms, that will request direct participation in Japan’s largest exchange. メタビットは自社のローレインテンシー、ハイパフォーマンス取引所FIX接続ソリューションが東京証券取引所(東証)のオフショアトレーディング機関のためのコロケーションサービス向けに新たに提供開始されたと発表しました。これにより海外の機関は日本最大の売買高を誇る取引所に直接参加できるようになります。

Since 2003, MetaBit has actively deployed its pure FIX-to-native exchange connectivity for high performance trading access to Japan’s exchanges, including the commodity exchange.  The architecture of MetaBit’s technology is based on the world’s leading Orc CameronFIX engine.  Today, securities companies select MetaBit’s FIX-to-native exchange connectivity solution for its standardised FIX API that combines high performance and low latency, with cost efficient support.

“On 30 September 2008, TSE announced its plans for “Remote Trading Participant Services” that will allow offshore firms with no branch in Japan, direct market participation.  This will facilitate increased liquidity for Japan’s markets,” explains John Edwards, MetaBit CTO.  “Our company’s FIX exchange connectivity to TSE represents a particularly convenient solution for such trading firms.  The product, branded “Alpha,” allows easy trading access through a standardized FIX interface that rationalizes TSE’s native API whilst achieving consistently high performance combined with low latency.  MetaBit’s FIX solution can be deployed in the announced co-location services at TSE, at other data centers, or at a Japan broker member’s site.”

* Performance of MetaBit’s FIX to native exchange connectivity Alpha product, has been independently measured to provide throughput above 3,000 messages per second and average latency below 2 millisecond per order at a sustained through-put of 800 orders per second1. * アルファは秒速3,000メッセージ以上、1オーダーのレイテンシーは2ミリ秒以下、1秒800オーダーを常時処理するというパフォーマンス数値を残しています※1。

“Japan’s exchanges have often believed FIX to be slow,” continues Edwards, “but MetaBit’s FIX exchange solution has a proven track record since 2003, and has successfully demonstrated that FIX is capable of high performance and low latency.  TSE’s native API is often difficult for non-Japanese firms to build connectivity to, and ongoing support becomes particularly time consuming due to ongoing changes to the API.  To have built a standardised FIX API removes all such concerns for our clients, and delivers trading access to TSE in a format that is very familiar to all firms deploying FIX.”

Today, MetaBit’s FIX exchange connectivity clients consist of broker members varying from Japanese domestic players, to global brokerage firms that trade multi-asset classes on all of Japan’s major exchanges ranging from cash equities, index futures and options, CBs to commodity futures. 今日、メタビットのFIX取引所接続ソリューションは国内のブローカー及び、日本の全ての主要取引所で取引される株式、指数先物・オプション、CB、商品先物を含めマルチアセットクラスに対応したグローバルなブローカーが導入しております。

* 1Performance measured on the following hardware: HP Proliant DL385, 2x Dual Core AMD 2Ghz, RHEL4 Update 2, 64-bit. * 1パフォーマンスは次のハードで測定: HP Proliant DL385, 2x Dual Core AMD 2Ghz, RHEL4 Update 2, 64-bit.

About MetaBit
MetaBit is the provider of the MLH (Market Liquidity Hub), an Asian broker portal that offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to 34 brokers and access to ten exchanges through its intuitive buy side trading tool XiliX.  The MLH is also accessible through the FIX Protocol, and provides access to more than 1,800 execution destinations worldwide in conjunction with MetaBit’s FIX partner networks.  MetaBit is the only provider of pure FIX to native exchange connectivity to TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and TOCOM that focus on sustained high performance and low latency.  Other products include Exchange Message Simulators to Japan’s major stock exchanges, and FIX testing and certification products.  MetaBit actively promotes FIX throughout Asia.

Partners include leading network provider BT Radianz, number one FIX connectivity solution provider Orc Software, renowned FIX testing and certification system provider Greenline Financial Technologies, and the world’s largest exchange provider NASDAQ OMX.

For more information please visit <;
Media Contacts, Koiji Ito, +81 3 3664 4160,


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メタビット(東京)は、マルチブローカー、マルチアセットクラス対応の直観的DMAプラットフォームであるXiliXに、バイサイド向けコンプライアンス・チェック機能と投資助言ルーティング機能を搭載したと発表しました。今日の市場環境においては、どのバイサイドにとっても非常に重要であるこれら一連の機能を、ヘッジ・ファンドのインキュベーターのパイオニアとして、もっとも成功している会社のひとつであるBridge Capital証券と共同で開発しました。


Bridge CapitalのCEO、藪内太嘉司氏は、「私たちは、現在XiliXが、日本の金融市場向けのバイサイド・トレーディングツールの中でもっとも包括的なコンプライアンス・チェック機能を有していると考えています。一連の機能は、私たちからのデザインと強化された規制に対する法令順守のための法的要求事項がベースになっています。Bridge Capitalにとって、投資助言ルーティングとプリトレードの際のコンプライアンス・チェックを統合することにより、ファンドを管理するための厳格なコンプライアンス・ルールを絶え間なく検証する一方で、拡大するトレーディング・ヴォリュームをスピーディに執行していくことが可能になります。」と述べています。

メタビットCEOのダニエル・ブルギン氏は、「Bridge Capitalの持つ卓越した専門知識をこの新機能開発のためにメタビットに貸していただいたことを大変光栄に思っております。これらの包括的なリーガル・コンプライアンス・チェックのデザインのために費やされた多大な努力は、アセット・マネジャーやトレーダーを保護するものとなります。助言や注文のヴァリデーションは、投資アドバイザーレベルとトレーダーレベルの双方向で行われます。コンプライアンス・チェックの実行の結果は、直観的で透明なレポート機能を通して、各項目チェックの成否を表示します。警告レベルから取引不可までのアラートの範囲を設定しています。」と述べています。


Source: 09.10.2008

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今回の報告公表システムを通じての報告へのFIXゲートウェイは、メタビットのアルファ製品ラインを強化することになります。アルファ製品ラインは現在、東京証券取引所、大阪証券取引所、JASDAQ、及び東京工業品取引所へのハイパフォーマンス純正FIX取引所接続を提供しており、世界有数のOrc CameronFIXエンジンが搭載されています。

メタビットCEO、ダニエル・ブルギン氏は、「今回の報告公表システムを通じての報告は約定後5分以内に全てのOTCトレードを申告することを義務付けております。制限時間内に申告するという義務の重要性が、メタビットのクライアントのニーズに応える今回の新しいFIXソリューションの推進役となりました。新しいレポーティング・システムがファイル・ベースであるという点で、独特の展開だったと言えますが、メタビットのJSDA OTCレポーティングへの新FIXインターフェイスは、日本の各取引所に完全かつ純粋なFIXソリューションを提供する上で欠かせないものです。おかげさまで既に多くのお問合せをいただいております。」と述べています。



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MetaBit launches standardized FIX connectivity to Japan’s new JSDA OTC Reporting

MetaBit announces the delivery of a standardised FIX interface to the new JSDA (Japan Securities Dealers Association) file based OTC Reporting System scheduled to be launched late October 2008.  The new system will replace the current OTC Reporting at JASDAQ, Japan’s OTC exchange, which is expected to merge with OSE in 2009.

MetaBit will deliver the production version of the new FIX gateway to its client base on September 26, 2008 to allow time for testing.  The new product will support all available standard versions of FIX.

The FIX gateway to JSDA OTC Reporting complements MetaBit’s Alpha product line that provides high performance FIX-to-native exchange connectivity to TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and TOCOM (Tokyo Commodity Exchange).  The technology is built on the world leading Orc CameronFIX platform.

“The upcoming OTC Reporting function requires Japan’s exchange members to report all OTC trades within five minutes of execution,” explains Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO.  “The regulatory importance of timely reporting was the driver for this new FIX solution, in answer to our clients’ needs.  It has been a somewhat unusual move, as the new reporting system is file based.  Nonetheless, MetaBit’s new FIX interface to JSDA’s OTC Reporting will be critical to deliver a complete and standardised FIX solution for Japan’s markets.  As a result we have seen immediate demand in the market place.”

In Japan, MetaBit is the only software provider of pure FIX to native exchange connectivity for all listed products at all major exchanges (TSE, OSE, JASDAQ, TOCOM).

Source: MetaBit, 21.August 2008

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NYFIX Marketplace、メタビットとの業務提携により日本市場の流動性アクセスを大幅拡大

トレードの効率を最大限に生かすイノベーション・ソリューションのプロバイダーとして定評のあるNYFIX社(米NASDAQ市場登録NYFIX)と東京のFIX接続プロバイダーであるメタビットは本日、両社の業務提携を発表しました。NYFIXはメタビットの市場流動性ハブ(MLH)とNYFIX Marketplaceを接続することにより、より多くの日本のブローカー、および日本の取引所への効率良いアクセスをメンバーに提供できることになりました。一方、メタビットMLHのクライアントは、世界有数のFIXに準拠した取引コミュニティーで、マネージドサービスであるNYFIX Marketplaceのメンバーとなり、他のメンバーであるバイサイド400社以上、セルサイド475社以上と効率良く取引できることになります。

NYFIX社Global Head、FIX Division、Bob Moitoso氏は、「当社はNYFIX Marketplaceメンバーに最大限広範な電子取引サービスと世界的な市場流動性を提供することを目標としております。メタビットとの業務提携により、当社の日本市場への浸透を加速化させることができ、日本のブローカーと取引所へのアクセスを望む顧客の要望を充たすことができました。当社はメタビットと共同でバイサイド、セルサイド顧客に電子取引ソリューションの拡張と効率良い電子取引の機会を提供できるものと期待しております。」と述べています。

メタビットCEO、ダニエル・ブルギン氏は、「現在各金融機関は牽引力を高めるため、広範なコネクティビティを必要としています。NYFIX Marketplaceはメタビットの顧客に国際市場への大きな足場を提供することになります。今回の業務提携は当社FIXネットワークを拡張する上で自然な流れであり、これにより当社のクライアントは世界有数のFIX準拠の取引コミュニティーに円滑なアクセスを得ることになります。」と述べています。

NYFIXジャパン、ビジネス・デベロップメント・ディレクター、Claus Kwon氏は、「NYFIXは日本のクライアント・ベースの拡張、また日本顧客特有のニーズを最大限支えることを確約しております。今回の業務提携はNYFIX Marketplaceを介して世界の市場へ、そして様々なトレード・ツールとサービスへの円滑なアクセスを提供するばかりでなく、日本国内に強力な取引コミュニティーを生み出すことにより、日本のクライアントに、より高度なトレードを可能にするでしょう。」と述べています。

NYFIX Marketplaceは業界有数のFIX専門家によってサポートされ、中立で柔軟性の富んだ、完全管理された電子取引ソリューションです。ソリューションの構成はFIXオーダー・ルーティング、IOI、FIX認証、バージョン変換、広範なトレーニングおよび教育プログラムから成ります。NYFIX Marketplaceのメンバーは新たな取引先、および新しいサービスにより、広範な市場流動性へのアクセス、取引コストの削減、市場アクセスの迅速化といった恩恵が得られます。


メタビットはアジアのブローカー・ポータル(証券会社への接続サービス)である市場流動性ハブ(MLH: Market Liquidity Hub)のプロバイダーで、バイサイド用直観的売買ツールであるXiliXを通してブローカー34社を通したDMA(市場へのリアルタイム・アクセス)と10の取引所へのアクセスを提供している。MLHはFIXプロトコルを介してアクセスすることも可能で、メタビットのFIXパートナー・ネットワークと連結して世界1,800カ所以上の執行先へのアクセスを提供している。メタビットは東証、大証、JASDAQ、および東京工業品取引所への接続を可能にする純粋なFIX接続を提供する唯一のプロバイダーである。さらにメタビットは日本の主要取引所の売買電文メッセージのシミュレーターを提供すると同時に、アジア全域にFIXを推進しており、FIXのテストと検証サービスを提供している。


詳細 <;

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India: Financial Technologies launches DMA Live!

The financial market industry and community has welcomed the launch of DMA Live! (direct market access) solution by Financial Technologies (India) Limited.

DMA LIVE! from Financial Technologies is built on ODIN suite of products and will allow clients direct control of their trades without depending on the broker for trade execution. DMA LIVE! will leverage the integration with ODIN solution platform, the market leading OMS (Order Management Solution) that Financial Technologies provides to over 80% of the large institutional and brokerage clients. The number of trading licenses of the ODIN platform has seen a 95% growth from 164,000 in March 07 to over 320,000 in March 08.

DMA LIVE! offers direct control over orders, faster execution, reduced errors, greater transparency, increased liquidity, lower impact costs for large orders, and better audit trails. Financial Technologies has implemented DMA LIVE! solutions for large brokerage and financial institutional clients that are potential users of DMA, and has also provided them with a complete solution connecting domestic buy side with sell side through an Execution Management System (EMS) that gives them an edge over other providers. Domestic and foreign brokers can provide this facility to their high volume Institutional clients. For full article click here

Source: Finextra 07.08.2008

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SunGard extends trading connectivity in APAC with MetaBit

SunGard has integrated its SunGard Transaction Network (STN) with Japan-based trading hub, MetaBit.

This will help SunGard’s buy-side and sell-side customers automate their trading connections with institutions in the Asia-Pacific region thereby helping improve integration, automation and connectivity of the international trade lifecycle.

Based in Tokyo, MetaBit is Japan’s only provider of a pure local FIX trading hub providing bilateral order flow for cash equities, index futures, options, and commodity futures, giving buy-side institutions direct electronic access to 34 brokers and ten exchanges.

STN facilitates global execution through a single point of access and the integration with MetaBit now provides bilateral links to each other’s regional trading communities from their home markets. In addition, SunGard’s Brass, an integrated sell-side trade and order management solution suite, will use STN to provide its U.S. brokerage customers with distribution access to global investment managers.

In the past, institutions used multiple networks to reach various regional pockets of trading. Today, more wealth managers are trading internationally and investing in Europe and Asia-Pacific. STN’s comprehensive regional coverage through hub-to-hub connectivity between regions and countries helps eliminate the need for buy-side institutions to maintain separate network connections in these regions. STN provides one connection that offers real-time trading and also uses industry standards such as SWIFT and FIX protocol formats, as well as proprietary trade messaging formats to help maintain operational efficiency.

“Connecting MetaBit’s MLH FIX network with SunGard’s STN creates a powerful value proposition for MetaBit’s Japan and Asian customer base to trade in U.S. markets. At the same time, U.S.-based customers of STN will be offered seamless connectivity to Asia-Pacific. The network-to-network connectivity between MetaBit and STN creates a truly global FIX trading network, built on local, specialized market expertise,” said Daniel Burgin, chief executive officer, MetaBit.

Bob Ward, chief operating officer of SunGard’s wealth management business, said: “STN’s integration with MetaBit provides for a wide-range of coverage and local expertise in the Asia-Pacific region. In today’s volatile markets, real-time automated trading networks are essential to facilitate cross-border financial transactions. By providing access to financial markets around the world, STN and Brass are able to help SunGard’s wealth management and broker-dealer customers support their global trading initiatives in a fast, efficient and seamless environment.”

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Asia and South Africa Trading Hubs link Bi-Directional Trade Flow

MetaBit, Japan and Peresys, South Africa link FIX Networks for Bi-Directional Trade Flow

Tokyo, Johannesburg, March 19, 2008 – MetaBit, Tokyo, a leading provider of FIX connectivity in Japan and Asia has certified its MLH FIX Network with Peresys’ Business Process Network (BPN), Africa’s pre-eminent FIX services and connectivity provider. Respective clients can now access equities and derivatives listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Securities Exchange) as well as all of Japan’s securities exchanges for both Care and Direct Market Access orders.

This new joint offering will satisfy an increasing client need for global execution reach from home markets. One of the major advantages is that from a single point of access, the leading South African fund managers and hedge funds connected to the Peresys BPN can now trade with MetaBit’s 33 connected brokers executing on Japanese exchanges and all other regions, while MetaBit’s Japan client base who have particular interest trading into South Africa’s top 30 brokers, can route orders through a simple local connection to MetaBit’s local MLH. Please click here for details.

Source: 19.02.2008 MetaBit Systems

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新闻稿草稿 MetaBit 与 WIND-中国市场开放 – MetaBit 与万得资讯公司协力合作,面向全球市场提供交易接入

2005 年 6 月 24 日,东京,上海 – 今天,全球金融行业的领先 IT 解决方案提供商 MetaBit 宣布与位于中国上海的万得资讯公司签署了战略合作伙伴协议。该合作伙伴将基于 MetaBit 产品为中国金融行业提供 FIX 协议支持和服务实现,包括作为地区转售商的 CameronFIX 平台、市场流动资产网络中心 (Market Liquidity Hub [MLH™]) 和 XiliX™ 轻量级订单管理系统。

作为支持伙伴,上海万得将代表 MetaBit 在中国大陆推动 MetaBit 的第二市场流动资产网络中心 (MLHTM) 以支持启用 FIX 的中国金融业,并将 FIX 协议的中国版本 (‘STEP’) 与全球标准 FIX 版本融合在一起。初期,上海 MLHTM 将为全球合格境外机构投资者 (QFIIs) 及其各自中国经纪公司提供连接,进行灵活中转。中国证券公司可将其 FIX 服务外包给 MLHTM,还能获得上海万得的支持和服务实现。

上海 MLHTM,中国首个 FIX网络中心,拥有技术领先的 CameronFIX 引擎和 MetaBit 专有轻量级订单管理系统 XiliXTM的全力支持。MetaBit 最近被指定为 Cameron 系统在中国的授权经销商和支持伙伴,这将获得对 CameronFIX 平台的直接访问。MetaBit 将于 2005 年秋季在上海设立办事处,而上海 MLHTM 的发展与其步调十分一致。

“与上海万得的合作伙伴协议着重强调 MetaBit 和 Cameron 系统对中国金融行业的长期承诺,以更好地提供 FIX 服务。我们的目标在于未来,”MetaBit 的 CEO Daniel Burgin 如是说,“上海万得实力强大,在中国及国际金融业都得到了广泛认可,MetaBit 为拥有这样的结盟者感到骄傲。我们深信,上海万得凭借其业务经验和专业技术,将为中国提供所需的本地 FIX 实现和支持服务。”

上海万得 CEO 周利(音译)说:“能与 MetaBit 合作,上海万得感到十分荣幸,我们将协力为国内和国际客户在所有中国股票、期货和商品交易方面提供 FIX 服务。万得是中国和国际金融实体之间的内容和连接网关。”

MetaBit 系统和 Cameron 系统将于 2005 年 6 月 24 日在 FPL FIX 上海研讨会期间共同参展。

关于 MetaBit

MetaBit 成立于 2000 年,一直以来,通过向日本和亚洲地区的金融业提供优质产品和服务,树立了良好的市场信誉度。MetaBit 是 CameronFIX 平台授权经销商和支持伙伴。这一平台是在中国和日本具有世界领先水平的 FIX 网关解决方案。MetaBit 在整个亚洲地区积极推广 FIX,并协助传统机构采用和实现 FIX 协议。MetaBit 的客户主要来自东南亚和日本,皆为重要的买方和卖方机构。



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Marco Polo Network connects with MetaBit’s FIX Network

Tokyo, New York June 4, 2007 – Marco Polo Network, Inc., a leading provider of connectivity for emerging markets, has certified with MetaBit’s FIX enabled Market Liquidity Hub (MLH) network. Clients connected to Marco Polo Network can now access all of Japan’s securities exchanges through 22 sell side brokers via the MLH. Simultaneously, MetaBit’s clients now have access to global emerging markets to trade listed securities through the renowned Marco Polo Network.

The new joint offering is a result of demands from clients on both sides. From a single point of access, clients of Marco Polo Network can now trade with MetaBit’s connected brokers executing on Japanese exchanges and all other regions, while MetaBit’s Japan based clients who have particular interest in emerging markets in Asia, can now access Marco Polo’s connected markets. The arrangement between Marco Polo Network and MetaBit has created a unique FIX compliant trading network that spans Asia and emerging markets worldwide.

“Marco Polo Network responded to an increasing demand from clients to connect into Japan through domestic Japanese brokers. The choice to certify with MetaBit was simple, due to their strong franchise amongst Japanese domestic sell and buy sides institutions,” says Peter Jardine, Director, Broker Network, at Marco Polo Network, “Strategically, Marco Polo Network expects flow from Japan based clients connected to MetaBit’s MLH. The Japanese market is diversifying, and increasingly interested in Marco Polo Network’s network of emerging markets.”

“MetaBit is particularly pleased with this new business partnership, that has mutual benefits for the client base of both firms,” says, Daniel Burgin, MetaBit CEO, “The offering represents a global network of market access, achieved with an powerful value proposition for all clients with regards to underlying technology and cost of sales. With this new joint service, the MLH has become a unique single point of access for any Japanese firm looking to trade into markets worldwide, with particular focus on emerging markets, without changing their end user application.”

About Marco Polo Network

Marco Polo Network Inc. (MPN) is a leading broker neutral electronic multi-asset class platform for global investors to trade emerging markets. MPN brings transactions into compliance with local rules and regulations allowing for seamless and transparent cross-border transactions. MPN’s platform is a gateway for multidirectional flows and offers connectivity and routing to brokers and exchanges in more than 40 markets. MPN provides investors with access to more than 90% of the MSCI emerging market index.

MPN is partially owned by the New York Stock Exchange and the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Marco Polo Securities Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MPN, is a NASD registered broker dealer.

For more information please visit

About MetaBit

MetaBit is the provider of MLH (Market Liquidity Hub), an Asian broker portal that currently provides buy sides Direct Market Access (DMA) to 22 brokers and access to ten exchanges. The MLH, powered by the world leading CameronFIX platform, is accessible through MetaBit’s intuitive buy side trading tool XiliX, or via the FIX Protocol. MetaBit is the only provider of pure FIX market connectivity to TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and TOCOM. MetaBit also offers exchange message simulators to Japan’s major stock exchanges and actively promotes FIX throughout Asia. MetaBit further offers FIX testing and certification services to the industry.

For more information please visit

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